Stephen Carson (Regents Pizzeria)- Belated Sad News

Blue Book just learned of the very sad passing of Stephen Carson, owner of Regents Pizzeria in La Jolla California. Stephen lost his battle with Melanoma in August 2011 and unfortunately the news just reached me, Scott Levin, President of Blue Book.

I worked with Stephen for many years and would like to pass our belated condolences on to his personal and business family. I gained a tremendous amount of respect for Stephen in the way that he went about running Regents Pizzeria. He said many times to me that he valued quality quality and more quality above everything else. And this showed because I think the food served at Regents Pizzeria is really very good and I’ve never met a person that doesn’t agree with me.

Stephen was smart, kind and thorough, and I am a better person for knowing him although regretfully not well enough. In honor of Stephen, I will be making a personal contribution to fight melanoma & cancer in addition to other causes I support.

I encourage everyone to find a causeĀ  that is close to their heart and to help a quality organization with a donation of your time and/or money.

Thankfully for all of us that enjoy Regents Pizzeria, they continue producing great food and I will continue to patronize this quality La Jolla restaurant.


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Vanessa Turkeltaub
Vanessa Turkeltaub graduated from UC San Diego with a BA in Communication. She has been with Blue Book Publishers for over 5 years, and has written over five-hundred La Jolla related articles. She enjoys going to concerts, art, and traveling. (
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