Staff Picks For Favorite Halloween Movies

In the spirit of Halloween, we thought it would be fun to take a poll at the BlueBook office and find out the staff’s favorite Halloween movies! Here is a quick look at everyone’s choice, also check out what’s going on in La Jolla this Halloween week.

Paco has three top movies for Halloween. The original 1978 Halloween with Jamie lee Curtis is one of Paco’s favorite because, “ It set a whole new standard for horror films”.
In addition, the film Scream starring David Arquette and Courtney Cox is another favorite for Paco, “Scream is to my generation as Halloween is to older generations”. And finally, Paranormal Activity tops his list. “Not only is it very scary, but it also is very suspenseful and paranormal. Things that happen in Paranormal Activity could actually happen if you chose to believe in it. Not to mention, it was filmed here in San Diego!”

Next up, Tu chose The Conjuring. Not only does this recent film have amazing horror scenes, but it also has a great cast of actors. The level of acting combined with the frightening special effects makes The Conjuring a perfect movie to watch on Halloween.

The infamous theme song to the 1978 movie, Halloween, is with out a doubt one of the most recognizable and scariest Halloween songs. That is why Brian chose this iconic film as his favorite. Brian said, “It really is the original. Current horror movies are influenced by Halloween and it changed the way they are filmed.”

Stephen voted The Rocky Horror Picture Show as his favorite Halloween movie. Simply because he does not like any other kind of horror films! Either way, you can’t go wrong with this classic musical horror film.

Vanessa gave a great description of her favorite movies. It is quite clear that Vanessa has passion for zombies! Vanessa reports, “I love anything with Zombies. But I have to go with the master of the genre, Mr. George Romero and Night Of The Living Dead. Also worth watching is the 80’s zombie flick Return of the Living Dead and most current Dead Snow which features Nazi Zombies!”

Andy finally, my favorite Halloween movies–The Silence Of The Lambs is not only a perfect movie to watch on Halloween, but also one of my all time favorite movies! There are so many brilliant scenes with Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter, I don’t think I could pick my favorite! If I am not in the mood for a phycological thriller, my other favorite movie would be the 1998 Disney Channel Original Movie, Halloweentown. Growing up, I would watch this movie every year on Halloween. It soon became an annual event for my friends and I. Even until this day, we still watch reruns of the movie and it brings back lots of childhood memories.

Now that we have shared out favorite movies to watch this time of year, share your favorite Halloween movies by commenting below. Happy Halloween!

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