SPRING HAS SPRUNG IN LA JOLLA – Time For Spring Cleaning

It’s time. SPRING CLEANING is here. While almost every day here in La Jolla feels like spring, the first day of spring was actually Sunday March 20. Our friends over at RED Interior, a local La Jolla interior design firm, are here to help all of us in La Jolla get our spring cleaning started with some helpful tips.

Let’s face it, having everything nice and orderly just makes you feel
better.  It makes us feel like we are in control of our lives. Knowing where
our things are and that they are clean and ready to use is a great feeling.
There is nothing worse than running around frantically looking for
something you know you have. Follow our 8 step process to spring cleaning and you will get your home in order without being a slave to the process. You want to enjoy all that La Jolla has to offer and so by spending a little time getting things in order now will allow you to enjoy La Jolla’s sun and fun all spring and summer long.

What you’ll need:

* Cleaning bucket
* Ivory dish detergent
* White vinegar
* Squeegee
* Car chamois (Costco sells these in bulk and they are great for
* Optional: Car washing glove (looks like over-sized terrycloth mitten)
Shelf liner
Cedar products or herb sachets
Shelf dividers

PART 1 – Linen Closet Cleanout

In our 8 step quest to spring cleaning/organizing we start with the linen
closet. Used regularly by everyone it tends to get disorganized quickly
but with a little bit of organization, paring down and labeling, yours can
stay tidy. Follow the steps below to get yours in order.

1. Remove all your linens and sort as you go putting like items
together making sure to fold everything identically, blankets, towels,
sheets, pillow cases….  Be sure to remove items that are not in great
shape, eg: fitted sheets with stretched out elastic, towels with pulls
2. Consider limiting yourself to 3 sets of sheets per bed and 3 sets of
towels per person in your household.  Make rags or donate the things
you are ready to part with.
3. With a mild soapy water, damp wash the closet and shelving. If you
add a little vinegar to the water it will help remove any odors that
might be in the closet.
4. Look at your sorted piles from step 1 and adjust shelving to
accommodate your pile heights.  Try to create short stacks so that you
can keep things neat, tall stacks tend to get unruly.  You may want to
consider rolling towels in a spa like fashion, it’s up to you. If you
like stacks, like me, metal shelf dividers that you can get from the
Container Store fit most shelving and help keep things from
5. If you use shelf liner now is the time to replace anything that
doesn’t look great.
6. To put things back, consider what you use most and place those items
from waste to eye level for ease of use. Put the things you use the
least up high and down low.
7. Small linen closet that is a catch all and over stuffed? Consider
placing bed linens in storage bins under the bed they belong to.
8. If you have others doing laundry, you should consider labeling where
things go to help keep your closet orderly.  Add in cedar products or
herbal sachets using naturally available ingredients like cloves,
peppermint, thyme, and rosemary to keep moths out. And voila you are

We at La Jolla Blue Book want to thank RED Interior for getting our spring cleaning off to a great start. To see more tips from RED Interior and to learn more about this local La Jolla Interior Design firm, please visit RED Interior.

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