Spotlight on Local Artist Scott Wright: A Mural Ten Years in the Making

scott wright 64 fish

Meet Scott Wright, a man who has dabbled and excelled in two very different worlds; part building contractor and part artist, he’s spent the last thirty years in La Jolla establishing a successful construction company and creating a mural that graces an entire wall of Mary Star of the Sea Church. Wright began his business, The Wright Company, in the 1980s and started painting about twelve years ago as a side hobby and project. Now, his mural art is up on a prominent street in La Jolla and has another even larger one on the way. We chatted with Wright to get the scoop on the new mural, why he loves art, and what inspires him.

From Passion to Business

Wright moved to La Jolla more than thirty years ago to begin his contracting business and holds one of the oldest contractor’s licenses in the city. His company has worked on more than 300 buildings, including several prominent restaurants on Prospect Street.

He hasn’t always been a city kid, however; Wright was born in Yosemite and grew up working in lumberyards for the family business. Even at an early age, his surroundings inspired a deep-seated love of nature that continues to play a large role in his artistic life: trees, birds, and other animals still remain among his favorites to paint. He dabbled in art as a kid, honing the skill as a hobby without thinking much of it as a career, and it wasn’t until a bit later in life that he revisited the artistic realm.

scott wright

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Now, art – especially watercolor – acts as an escape from the hassles and stress of everyday life. “Art slows you down,” Wright remarked thoughtfully. His artistic process is simple: he starts out by sketching with pencils, then pens them in with dark ink onto a watercolor background; quite often, you’ll find him working on four or five pieces of art at the same time.

Wright’s artwork can be found right here on the streets of La Jolla. He was commissioned a few years ago by the president of the US Bank branch in La Jolla and a priest at Mary Star of the Sea for “64 Fish,” a watercolor mural that was completed and put up on the church wall facing US bank – a piece not to be confused with the Murals of La Jolla project!

A Sneak Peek at La Jolla’s Newest Mural

Wright is currently working on a piece that’s to be hung somewhere in La Jolla within the next few months. The location is still unknown, but we do know that it will be 80-feet long by 18-feet high; needless to say, a pretty massive undertaking. He began working on the art for the piece roughly ten years ago – little sketches here and there that he’ll eventually combine to create the grand finale. Keep an eye out for this one to pop up in the Village sometime within the next year.

Wright’s art has been featured throughout businesses in La Jolla, including Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, US Bank, and at the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival; he also has pieces in the San Francisco Museum of Art. Visit to check out more of his work and stay tuned for information about La Jolla’s newest addition to the mural family.

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