Sparkle & Shine Campaign for a Cleaner La Jolla

sparkle & shine campaign

Local businesses and residents are teaming up to clean the streets of La Jolla! Whether you’re a resident, small business, or just love our beautiful little Village, the Sparkle & Shine Campaign is a great opportunity to help the community and make a difference for just $400. All funds raised will be used to steam-clean the long-neglected sidewalks and, if fully funded, the program will raise enough money to clean the sidewalks for a full year. Any business, family, school, or organization can sponsor one or multiple eight-foot tall banners that will be hung throughout La Jolla. From December through March, each banner will be displayed in public for everyone to see – on 23 poles on Torrey Pines and 77 in the Village.

The money raised will be deposited into the account of the La Jolla Town Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, and the funds cannot be used for any purpose other than cleaning the Village of La Jolla. The donation is fully tax-deductible, and 85% of the proceeds will go towards the campaign; just 15% will go to production and display costs (hanging the banners, etc). In its first week of fundraising, the campaign has already raised more than  $18,000!

One banner per month hung in the village will be $400; three banners per month, including one on the busy Torrey Pines Road, will cost $1200. If you commit to at least 3 months, you can receive 20% off the program. Nancy Warwick, who is spearheading the campaign, is hopeful that this campaign will create awareness for what is clearly becoming a growing issue in our beautiful coastal town. As a grass roots campaign, the main source of publicity for Sparkle & Shine will be through simply word of mouth, so tell your friends and family! At Warwick’s, Nancy plans to suggest that book club members pitch in together and display the name of their individual groups.

If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring a banner, please call Nancy Warwick at (858) 454-0347 or send her an email at

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