Exclusive Access to All the Social Media Info for La Jolla’s Best Businesses

Get the scoop on all the special promotions offered by La Jolla businesses through social media. Find your favorite Twitter & Facebook accounts updated in real time all in one location at La Jolla Blue Book!

For more than 75 years, La Jolla Blue Book is where locals and visitors quickly find all things La Jolla by searching the one & only “local” source for the most up-to-date business information.

La Jolla Blue Book is now the one and only website offering updated Twitter and Facebook information for all your favorite La Jolla Businesses.

You can easily find the Facebook & Twitter links for La Jolla’s best businesses on our website. But we take it one step further.

La Jolla Blue Book actually publishes the most recent social media messages previously only found on the actual twitter & Facebook pages of our La Jolla businesses. So rather than having to spend hours searching hundreds of websites and through Google for these Facebook and twitter pages, now you can find the most recent news and special promotions for all your favorite La Jolla businesses in a matter of seconds at La Jolla Blue Book where the social media information is updated automatically in real time on our website.

Want to find out what’s new with La Valencia Hotel,  Inn By the SeaHarry’s Coffee Shop, Marine Room, La Jolla Yoga Center or La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre ?  Find all of their social media updates and special discount offers without leaving our website.

Search through our categories to locate the type of business you’re looking for (i.e. BanksReal Estate, Auto Repair, SchoolsHotels, Restaurants, Plastic Surgeons, Physicians and Dermatologists), and then click on any company name or picture to connect to the individual client pages we have set up for hundreds of businesses serving the La Jolla community. Once you pull up an individual business page, you will find all the business information including the most recent Twitter & Facebook posts. And you can even “like” or follow these businesses directly from our La Jolla website with just one easy click!

For up-to-the-minute La Jolla info, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter or visit our own profile page here  to see our most recent social media activity in one easy-to-use location.

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