SLOMO The Movie Takes The Big Screen

Local San Diegans know the roller-skating man on the boardwalk simply as SLOMO. Not too much is known about the mysterious and laid-back man, but you can expect to see him roller skating on the boardwalk any day that you venture down into Pacific Beach. He is known for playing classical music, making friends while mimicking slow motion moves, and pleasing the crowds of beach goers. However, local residents will soon be able to get a glimpse into SLOMO’s personal life and the path he took that landed him where he is today.


slomo the movie

SLOMO the movie, will give viewers an inside look at John Kitchin’s life and about the transformation he experienced. From being a depressed and bored neurologist, came a man who reinvented himself and became an icon of Pacific Beach. SLOMO the movie recently played at the First Inaugural La Costa Film Festival and is set to play this upcoming January in La Jolla at the San Diego Film Society. To find tickets and more information, visit or

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