Scripps Coastal Meander Trail Now Open in La Jolla

scripps coastal meander trailLa Jolla is now home to a beautiful new seaside trail! The Scripps Institute of Oceanography dedicated and officially opened the Scripps Coastal Meander Trail on June 2, creating a new segment of the public trail network on the Scripps campus.

The Scripps Coastal Meander Trail is part of the state’s California Coastal Trail program, which is a network of public trails that, when finished, will allow people to walk along the entirety of the California coast – from the Oregon border to Mexico. It will eventually span 1,200 miles and 15 different counties, and is currently more than 50% complete.

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The 380-foot seaside segment will connect two existing overlooks (one established, one in the works); it features a boardwalk that sits more than 150 feet above the beach and will take hikers from a small parking lot off La Jolla Shores Drive down to a bluff overlooking Scripps Pier.

scripps coastal meander trail

The new overlook will be built at the northern end after renovation of the former Southwest Fisheries Science Center is complete at the end of 2016. An overlook at the southern end of the trail is already established, complete with a comfy bench and beautiful views of the whole coast – from the Scripps Pier down up to Torrey Pines State Beach.

[KCET’s Digital Field Guide to the California Coastal Trail]

The trail has been in the works for a while, along with other various walkways that have been established on and around the Scripps campus over the last several years. Difficult, hilly terrain and projected costs made the project seem impossible, but in 2013, the California Coastal Conservancy granted Scripps $350,000 to complete the trail and landscape the area with drought-tolerant native plant species. The Institute later generously contributed an additional $262,000, making the trail’s 2015 completion possible.

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6 thoughts on “Scripps Coastal Meander Trail Now Open in La Jolla

  1. Since it has stairs, your video ought to mention options for those unable to utilize stairs due to mobility issues….

    • Exactly my thoughts! I was like COOL! then I was damn, yet another coasting feature I cannot enjoy as it has stairs instead of ramped walkways =([

      • Obviously, not all areas of the California Coastal Trail will be, or even can be, equipped for wheelchair access due to the terrain. True, the driveway beside this staircase is sort of “wheelchair accessible”, but just getting to this very steep driveway could be a challenge if not in a car or motorized chair. Also consider once you have arrived, there is NO PLACE TO PARK. The closest parking lot in the area requires UCSD parking permits 24/7 as do all the adjacent parking spaces for campus offices off the driveway. The only option for the public is to park uphill around the bend on La Jolla Shores Drive, or at the bottom closer to Sverdrup Hall and Caroline’s Seaside Cafe.

        To locate wheelchair area friendly areas, consult –

        WC Accessible in SD (nothing in La Jolla)-

    • That’s a great point – the paved road you see to the left on the first picture is fully wheelchair-accessible and allows visitors to travel closer to the water (near where the stairs lead).

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