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For those in the know, Amerisat is San Diego’s premier satellite provider. Family owned since 1983, Amerisat is currently run by founder Robert Dudley’s son Chris Dudley and provides contemporary communications with attention to the details. Whether you’re looking for satellite service, installation of a home theater, or something else, Amerisat is the place to go. With their help we’ve created a simple guide to your satellite experience.

What is satellite service?

Everyone has seen a satellite dish, but not everyone knows how satellite service works and why it’s helpful. With cable or fiber service, different types of digital information (phone calls, television, internet) are sent from the content source to your home in the form of signals over the physical cable or fiber. With satellite, this same digital information is sent to and bounced off of a satellite to your receiver instead of going over a cable, much like the way cell phone service works.

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Should I get satellite if I have cable access then?

If you live in an area where there are cable or fiber options available, DISH notes that satellite TV and Internet has more restrictive data caps. However, cable and fiber companies run small monopolies with very high rates, so satellite service could be much more affordable for you. Satellite does requires equipment (dish) installation which is often restricted for apartments, as too many satellite dishes will disrupt reception.

My house only has dial-up. Will satellite work out here?

If you only have dial-up or slow DSL/cable, satellite is probably the answer. Cable companies don’t lay cable where it’s not profitable, so many areas, especially rural ones, don’t have the infrastructure for contemporary communications services. However, satellite services don’t need anything beyond a dish and a receiver, so it doesn’t matter where you are. Amerisat offers internet and TV services through satellite.

What does Amerisat service get me?

High definition, design-your-own television coverage that you customize by choosing themed packages. DISH does cover your local channels. Additionally, you can get international television and media packages beyond the standard Spanish TV.

Amerisat also offers dishNET internet services. Microsecond delays in service typical to satellite service are fine for normal activity but can be cause issues for live online gameplay, streaming, or Skyping. However, Amerisat notes that San Diego has “favorable” streaming rates, so stream away, just be warned if you’re a Halo or Call of Duty player and need quick reactions.

What else can I do with Amerisat?

Amerisat offers a broad range of technologies that enable you to use your satellite service to the fullest extent. Amerisat offers service receivers with (and without, if you prefer that) digital video recorders that you set to record television to rewatch later. Also available are portable satellites for tailgating, camping, or other activities where you want to take your TV with you! Amerisat also does installation of home theaters, mounting televisions and sound systems, and setting up wifi from your satellite service.

Call Amerisat today at (858) 505-1122 or visit their website to get the personal attention and stellar satellite service you deserve!

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