Celebrate with San Diego’s Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade San Diego Community College Float Embarcadero

Setting off from Harbor Drive at 2:00 pm January 17, San Diego’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his efforts for the Civil Rights Movement. Join the San Diego community as we take part in one of the largest Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parades in the nation!

The celebration will feature the parade classics of gorgeous floats, marching bands and drill teams, and local performers and dance teams. More importantly, the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade is made up of hundreds of participants young and old from community organizations, churches, schools, fraternities, and education and social justice groups.

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“We want to keep the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. alive,” said parade coordinator Dr. Bob Matthews. Matthews founded the local Zeta Sigma Lambda chapter of national fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha, the chapter behind the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade (now in its 36th year!) “And the parade becomes an instrument of creating harmony and peace and togetherness regardless or race, creed, color or economic status.”

San Diego Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade Community CollegeThe parade lasts until 5 pm that night. Former years have seen marchers and messages promoting education, peace and unity, and cultural appreciation. Many community groups from churches, schools, community centers and universities will organize parade participation and special activities for that day, so look for opportunities to join in!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade Tips

  • Traffic will likely be busy! Try alternate transportation from San Diego MTS going to the parade and look for people to carpool with.
  • Even though it’s not yet summer, don’t forget sunscreen and water! A long day out and about will make anyone dehydrated, and UV rays are not stopped by clouds.
  • Go with friends! Not only will it make transportation smoother, it will be more fun.
  • Get there early! It’s sure to be crowded. As a quick reminder, the parade starts at 2:00 pm on Harbor Drive.

Enjoy Zeta Sigma Lambda’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade! For more activities to do that weekend, try the WorldBeat Cultural Center’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration on Monday 19th at noon.

Images from San Diego City College on flickr.com

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