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La Jolla Blue Book presents our latest “Quiet on the Set” video featuring Murfey Construction Inc.

Murfey Construction specializes in custom home construction and remodeling in La Jolla and all areas of San Diego. Planning on building your dream home or redesigning your current home? Murfey Construction can help you from the ground up!

Murfey Construction was founded in 2009 by Scott Murfey. Scott is a California licensed and insured general contractor. He works with homeowner(s) on a one-on-one basis resulting in a more productive and rewarding working environment. So whether you are building a hotel or a custom home, Mr. Murfey knows how to do it all.

Other services offered are construction consulting, design-build, and construction management. Please call for a free consultation.

To learn more please visit, Murfey Construction Inc or contact them at,

5880 La Jolla Bl Ste 55
La Jolla, CA 92037

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