9 Comic Con Panels for the Serious Comic Art Fan

San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con got you overwhelmed by the list of events? Are you scrambling for a last-minute backup plan? If you can’t get into H Hall or Ballroom 20, try out these less crowded but no less cool panels! 

This list is perfect for serious comic art fans who want to get close up and personal with creators, artists and comic studies academics and even avoid the crowds. Talk to the people behind it all and think about comics in ways you haven’t before!

For incredible off-site events you won’t want to miss (bring your friends—no badge required for many!) check out our SDCC Off-Site Events Last Minute Cheat Sheet.

San Diego Comic Con

What: Grant Morrison talks about working with Graphic India
Why: Hear for the first time about Morrison’s next project in progress with production company Graphic India. Stop by for an interesting conversation about storytelling, comics, and Indian representation and a sneak peek at what’s coming up next.
When: Thursday 10 am – 11 am (~190 attendees)

What: Carol Tilley and Brad Ricca discuss the historic origins of comic studies
Why: Are there more ‘lost’ academic studies about comics than we thought? What do they reveal about the creation of early comics? Get the lowdown here.
When: Thursday 10:30 am – 11:30 am (~40 attendees)

What: Dark Horse Comics hosts an all-star panel
Why: Dark Horse Comics has brought the world tons of innovative and entertaining new series—have you seen Archie vs. Predator?—so don’t miss this chance to hear from the people behind the comics! Creative talent and president / publisher will be there.
When: Thursday 12 pm  – 1 pm (~120 attendees)

San Diego Comic Con

What: UCSD Cognitive Science academics talk about language in comics
Why: Notice things you didn’t before with this series talking about the ways we process speech in comics have changed over time. You’ll never look at a comic book page the same way!
When: Friday 11:30 am – 1 pm (~80 attendees)

What: “Nerd Music” artists and podcaster Matt Grosinger swap songs and opinions
Why: There’s a music dimension to San Diego Comic Con too! Swing by to catch a playlist trade and a discussion of the “nerd” music subculture (it can be found in all genres) and the music industry at large.
When: Friday 12 pm – 1 pm (~80 attendees)

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What: Creators of March talk about newest book, civil rights events that inspired it
Why: If you’re interested in history or social justice, this panel featuring Congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis may be right up your alley. Get sneak peeks of the newest book in the March series and listen to Lewis’ stories of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s.
When: Saturday 10 am – 11 am (~110 attendees)

What: Comic artist A. Lee Martinez is the center of attention
Why: Space squids and talking gorillas, horror and satire, Martinez has it all in his fantasy works. This up-and-coming artist shares stories and answers your questions.
When: Saturday 12 pm – 1 pm (~20 attendees)

San Diego Comic Con

What: Phineas and Ferb creators and cast gather as the animated series ends
Why: Phineas and Ferb has been praised for its creativity, style, and comedy, making it a hit with all ages. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just curious, this panel’s sure to include some laughs.
When: Sunday 10 am – 11 am (~140 attendees)

What: Comic authors Marc Bell, Michael DeForge, Ed Piskor, Anders Nielsen speak about their adaptive writing styles
Why: Ever wondered what makes some comics so good? Chances are, it may have to do with them being created to work with their audience and context. Whether internet, magazine, or diary writing, these authors talk about it all.
When: Sunday 11 am – 12 pm (~40 attendees)

Create your own schedule of San Diego Comic Con events on the Comic Con website here. For more fun, check out these Comic Con themed La Jolla art shows. Have a great Comic Con!


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