Relax in La Jolla with a Cup o’ Joe

Grab a cup of joe in La Jolla

As winter fast approaches, coffee shops are becoming a hot commodity, offering up deliciously spiced holiday lattes and freshly prepared pastries. Fortunately, La Jolla is far from lacking in terms of charming and cozy coffee shops, with one on nearly every corner.


While some locals have their favorites, we encourage you to try as many as you can! With different beans, brews and baked goods, you’ll have to do some exploring to find the coffee shop that provides you with all the winter treats you simply cannot live without.

  • Brick and Bell Café on Silverado Street is a local favorite. This is THE place to go for fresh scones (think maple and blueberry flavored). Unlike the typical scone, the Brick and Bell’s made-from-scratch delights have customers gushing over their crumbly, buttery and perfectly moist texture. Their outdoor patio also offers a charming and quiet place to unwind with a latte, cappuccino or warm chocolate chip cookie.
  • Harry’s Coffee Shop has been around since the 1960’s and is located on prime La Jolla real estate off Girard Ave. This place is a no-fuss, friendly diner that serves carafes of coffee and breakfast items all day. After just a few visits the restaurant staff will likely know your name and exactly how you take your coffee. What more could you ask for?
  • The Cottage is the quintessential breakfast bungalow located off Fay Ave. This popular La Jolla restaurant and café, with its white picket fence and famous Cottage cappuccino, is booming with anxious eaters on weekends, so expect a wait if you don’t get there early. If you do decide to order something to go with your coffee, popular menu items are the Cottage’s Eggs Benedict as well as the Stuffed French Toast.
  • Goldfish Point Café is a French-inspired café that sits atop Goldfish Point in La Jolla Cove. The owner spent some time studying art in France and that clearly inspired the friendly and casual atmosphere that draw in so many visitors. In addition to coffees, lattes and pastries, there are a variety of sandwiches to choose from, most of which come with goldfish crackers, a charming touch especially in lieu of the café’s name!
  • Museum Café by Giuseppe is another European themed bistro, but this location is in the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Their patio on Prospect Street is a great place to grab a coffee made from local Bird Rock Roasting Company beans and a farm-fresh breakfast. And don’t worry, the patio has a heated lamp so you can still enjoy the outdoors as the temperatures start to get a little cooler.

All of these cafes welcome guests that wish to sit down and relax with a cup o’ Joe over a book or crossword puzzle without feeling pressured to order an entrée. But if you do desire a bite to eat check out their tantalizing breakfast menus or peruse the La Jolla Blue Book directory for the best restaurants in the city.

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