How to Protect your Pets this Holiday Season

Photo Credit: gopetplan.comHappy Thanksgiving! As we begin getting into the holiday spirit the decorations come out, the tree goes up and the large festive meals go in the oven. However, if you’re not careful, all of these things could injure your household animal sending them straight to an animal hospital or animal clinic in La Jolla.

In order to keep the holiday cheer, along with tidings of comfort and joy, follow these tips on how to protect your pet this holiday season:

  • Don’t feed them table scraps. Yes, their pleading puppy eyes can be very persuasive, but the small bones hiding in meat like turkey breast can puncture their internal organs and high fat content can make them sick. Also be careful with sugar-free foods that use artificial sweeteners, chocolate and any alcoholic beverages, all of which can make your animal dangerously ill.
  • No mistletoe or holly. You’ll have to find something else to kiss beneath because both of these seemingly harmless plants can cause your dog or cat severe abdominal pain, cardiovascular problems or even kidney failure if ingested.
  • Avoid tinsel and ribbons. While they may add a fun festive sparkle to your home, they also attract the attention of cats and dogs. If they swallow the décor it could cut up their digestive tract or cause an intestinal obstruction which may require surgery.
  • Pay attention to electrical elements. Don’t leave unattended electrical cords, batteries, ornaments or candles around your home. These items could electrocute, cut or burn an unknowing animal.
  • Take caution around the tree. Properly anchor you Christmas tree to prevent it from falling and block off the tree’s bacteria-ridden water supply so pets can’t drink from it.

With all the extra guests, commotion and noise that come with holiday celebrations, your pet might become a little overwhelmed. Be sure that your pet has had plenty of exercise and attention before your guests come over and have a private and quiet area set aside where they can retreat if needed. Also be sure to fill guests in on house rules when it comes to animals and be sure they know not to feed them any human food.

Is a La Jolla pet owner hosting this year’s holiday celebrations? Share this article with them to make sure their pets stay safe and can also enjoy the upcoming festivities!

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