Perks of Owning a Home in La Jolla

La Jolla has always been one of San Diego’s best communities to live in. With a name meaning “The Jewel,” it is no surprise that La Jolla is in fact the jewel of San Diego. The area is blessed with sunshine 263 days per year and a temperate climate that hardly ever has temperature above or below 70 degrees. You are only steps away to stunning beaches, relaxing parks, fine dining, and boutique shopping. These are some of the reasons that La Jolla is such a prime destination. For more details, visit La Jolla’s local resource for community and events information.

Real Estate Benefits: There are several benefits of living of La Jolla, including:

  • Ocean Views: Who doesn’t love having an ocean view from their backyard? La Jolla is surrounded by the Pacific coastline and offers spectacular views from almost anywhere in the community. Even if you live a few blocks inland, a short walk will take you to famous views that San Diego is known for.
  • Perfect Weather: The average daily temperature is 70 degrees and with the California sunshine complimenting the temperature, you can’t find a better climate on earth. It seldom rains in San Diego and always offers up bright and sunny days that make everyone want to experience the great outdoors.
  • Strong Community: La Jolla offers a small city vibe with the resources of a large city just next door in downtown San Diego. The tight knit community pulls together to throw some great events, keep the area clean, and offer a friendly atmosphere for locals and visitors to enjoy.
  • Location: Tucked beneath the hills of Torrey Pines and situated perfectly between the Interstate 5 and Pacific Ocean, La Jolla is the private beach community with quick and easy access to all of San Diego. Almost all of the houses in La Jolla are within walking distance to stores, restaurants, and shopping. The location tends to influence the residents by promoting an active lifestyle.
  • Affordable: Right now is the perfect time to invest in La Jolla real estate. Since the housing market is at an all time low, prices of quality beach homes in La Jolla have dropped significantly.
  • Privacy and Security: While the center shopping and dining areas of La Jolla draws a lot of visitors and is often busy with pedestrians, most of the residential neighborhoods in the area are very private and secure. There is not a lot of car traffic in the neighborhoods, giving the community a peaceful feeling. La Jolla also boasts one of the lowest crime rates in all of Southern California, making it a great neighborhood for families.

Local La Jolla Activities:

Surfing: Two of California’s famous beaches are located right in La Jolla. Blacks Beach and Windansea Beach are great surfing beaches that have been featured in films multiple times.

Hiking: Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is one of local San Diegans’ favorite spots to enjoy the beautiful weather and get in touch with nature. The reserve has several trails that offer panoramic ocean views from atop the cliffs.

Kayaking: There aren’t many places in the world better for kayaking than the La Jolla Coves. With seven different caves to explore and a vibrant sea life below, you will never get tired of paddling around the coves.

Golfing: La Jolla is home to the Torrey Pines Golf Course where the annual Farmers Insurance Open (Previously Buick Open) PGA tournament is held.

Shopping: While you are strolling through downtown La Jolla, you will have access to the best boutique shopping in all of San Diego. Some favorite San Diego and La Jolla shopping destinations include:


When the sun begins to set, make sure to reserve seats at one of the many fine dining establishments in La Jolla for a special view of a California sunset. World class chefs operate some of San Diego’s best restaurants in La Jolla. There is something for everyone, from fresh fish tacos to perfectly seared porterhouse steaks. Here are a few local favorites:


University of California San Diego is one of the top public universities in the nation and sits atop the hills of La Jolla. There are 15 preschools, 9 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, and 6 high schools with a good mix of both public and private schools. Almost every school in La Jolla is ranked among the top schools in all of California and consistently produces top scholars that go on to the university level and higher. Other schools that you can find in La Jolla include:

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