The Perfect Place for a Relaxing Massage: the Bird Rock Massage Studio

While summer is meant to be a time of relaxation, many find that though the weather is nicer, everyday stress is still prevalent. Treat yourself this summer and visit the Bird Rock Massage Studio for a tranquil, personalized massage.

Located at 5604 La Jolla Blvd., the Bird Rock Massage Studio happily serves its local La Jolla residents and strives to provide the perfect massage for each La Jollan. The Bird Rock Massage Studio was opened in 2011 by Shana Lemon, an expert in massage therapy and bodywork, who made significant renovations to the studio to make it her own.

Their Philosophy

The Bird Rock Massage Studio is unique in that massages are not priced by the type of massage, but the time. This lets you personalize your massage and include multiple types of massages in a specific amount of time.

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Prices begin at $50 for 30 minutes, $85 for an hour, and go to $160 for a two hour massage. If you’re looking for an hour of relaxation with your significant other, couples massages are also available.

Types of Massages

There are three main types of massages that the studio focuses on: Swedish, deep tissue and sports. A Swedish massage focuses on the deep tissue and includes long stroking motions, deep tissue releases knots with stronger motions and the sports massage is best for those with chronic pain or athletes. Other types are available, just make sure to discuss with your masseuse what you are looking for in your massage.

Of course the goal of each massage is to release stress and discomfort, so the studio encourages you to voice any possible unpleasantness both before and during the massage.

Packages, Memberships & Specials

While many are not thrilled at spending their paycheck on a massage, there are both massage packages and memberships to get you more massages for less. There are two packages for purchase: five hours for $400 and 10 hours for $750, making each hour aroundĀ $20-$25 less than the regular prices. Similarly, becoming a member will not only save you more, but keep you on a regular massage schedule.

And an insider tip: on Monday’s non-members can book a 60-minute massage for $69, down from $85, and $99 for a 90-minute massage, down from $125.

Lower your stress and keep your body happier and healthierĀ and book your massage now at the Bird Rock Massage Studio by going online or calling (858) 551-0425.

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