My Perfect Pet Food In La Jolla

Right now there’s a global shift towards living and eating a healthier way. Everyone is focusing on buying whole foods that are gluten, preservative, GMO and sugar-free, because of the long-term benefits. The most over-worked system in the body is your digestive tract, so it makes sense to eat smart – right? Anyhow, this all begs the following question: if processed food is bad for humans, couldn’t the same be said for dogs?

AAA Pet Pros in La Jolla Has the Solution – My Perfect Pet Food

My Perfect Pet has stepped up to the plate (or bowl), offering your K-9 companions a new range of human-consumable food that is 100% natural, balanced and complete. It’s made from real food (USDA/ FDA approved) and lightly cooked, making it ideal for your pet’s digestion and overall well-being. Their range of ingredients include chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, lamb, whole grain brown rice, yams, spinach, cranberries, which sounds a lot more like a grocery list at the local farmer’s market than pet food – but that’s where all the goodness comes from.


The Taste Test

We hear the words ‘human consumable’ used pretty loosely when describing dog food. We’ve all seen our fair share of little kids eating dry dog food by the handful, but that doesn’t really say much about the flavor – they’ll eat anything. To really taste test the value of My Perfect Pet’s flavor, Scott Levin, Blue Book’s very own president sampled a piece himself while visiting with Terry and her friendly team at AAA Pet Pros on Nautilus Street, a La Jolla pet grooming institution for 25+ years.  And while he’s not about to start stealing snacks from his two lovely dogs, he did say that it tastes and feels like real feed.


Anyhow, the real value of this ground-breaking food is not in how people-friendly it tastes. It’s nutritious and great for your pet’s digestive system – and they’ll definitely love the way it tastes.

For more information about My Perfect Pet and its benefits, visit AAA Pet Pros in La Jolla, who stock the full range of flavors and products at the best rates.

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