3 Overrated La Jolla Tourist Attractions (And Why We Love Them)

As much fun as it can be to get off the beaten path and learn about local cultures and lifestyles, it’s sometimes just as fun to visit and enjoy the tourism world that the mainstream travel industry has created.

For those planning a trip to beautiful La Jolla, California, here are 3 of our favorite La Jolla tourist attractions. Crowded and overrated, maybe, but an enjoyable escape nonetheless.

La Jolla Children’s Pool
The La Jolla Children’s Pool is a topic of great debate among local San Diegans thanks to the team of sea lions that has taken over to call this small segment of sand home. During the peak summer months, just getting to the Children’s Pool is an event in itself because finding parking in the area is not an easy feat. Some may even say there are much better ways to spend the afternoon than gawking at a bunch of (smelly) sea lions, but the Children’s Pool is still a sight to be seen! Why miss out? Children and even adults often find themselves laughing at the antics of the sea lions and the coastal views truly can’t be beat.

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Kayak Tours
There’s no better indication of a tourist attraction than individuals wearing bright yellow safety vests and helmets, awkwardly thrusting paddles into the ocean in attempt to navigate the sea caves of La Jolla. While an inexperienced kayaker’s lack of finesse may provide onlookers with a few laughs, the tours really are a great way to learn about the fascinating underwater world that resides just off the La Jolla shore. From fishy friends like Nemo to somewhat intimidating leopard sharks, viewing the marine life firsthand will surely make for an experience to remember. Plus, the tour guides are always friendly and helpful, and you can feel good about squeezing in a workout while on vacation.

Torrey Pines Golf Course
The sprawling golf course of the ever popular Lodge at Torrey Pines luxury hotel (click here for information about other hotels in La Jolla if The Lodge is not in your budget for this trip) is one that attracts golfers from destinations around the globe. Its popularity, however, has created a crowded course and caused tee prices to rise. Some even go as far as saying patchy rough and unimaginatively constructed fairways make it so there really aren’t any holes worth remembering. That said, if it’s good enough to host the Farmer’s Open, it’s good enough for us! Take the immaculately well kept greens and add the great year-round weather and stunning views of the Pacific, and we can easily come to the conclusion that golf fanatics shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to play a round on this famous course.

No matter where you decide to vacation, there will undoubtedly be a sight or two that has earned the reputation for being an overpriced, overcrowded and overrated attraction, but who cares! And don’t even get us started with the “overrated” restaurants in La Jolla because we love them all. Go with what you love and enjoy your vacation, because at the end of the day, all that matters is that you had a good time.

What did you think about our overrated attractions? Are they worth visiting or do you think time would better be served at some of La Jolla’s other great landmarks, art galleries and entertainment venues? Share your thoughts by commenting below and don’t be afraid to tell us which La Jolla attractions you think are teeming with tourists.

[Images: Philkon (Phil Konstantin), La Jolla Kayak, mysddreamhome.com]

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