Nosh Delicatessen is La Jolla’s Authentic New York Sty Deli

Nosh Delicatessen is bringing a touch of 1920’s New York to La Jolla. The store on Girard Avenue is a throwback to the jazz era, when Delicatessens originated in New York and Montreal. Nosh sticks to its roots and follows through on this theme, basing its exterior façade on the Empire State Building and the décor on popular trends from the day.

A recent addition to the La Jolla Dining scene having just opened four months ago, Nosh Delicatessen is determined to make the best authentic New York-style corned beef/pastrami sandwiches, not only in La Jolla, but also in San Diego. It’s opened up at a good time, responding to a high demand from the local community. It’s more than just a lunch option, though. Starting at 7 a.m. every morning, Nosh is opened for out of this world breakfast options, especially their pan-fried omelets! If you can’t come to Nosh, then Nosh can come to you because they offer catering. In fact, Nosh currently makes over 1,000 sandwiches a week for its catering services.


Their comprehensive menu boasts a variety of overstuffed sandwiches, soups and meals that look and taste likes the Good Old Days. To find out more about Nosh, we spoke with Bas Nash, the owner. Originally from Chicago, he grew up with parents in the restaurant business, learning the ropes as a young man before redirecting his own creative vision towards California.

La Jolla Blue Book: How long has Nosh been in town?

Nosh Delicatessen: About four months now.

La Jolla Blue Book: Why did you choose to open up a location in La Jolla?


Nosh Delicatessen: I think there’s a serious demand and a niche with the clientele here and the Jewish community. Our clientele understand our concept: we’re a true delicatessen, which means we have the real corned beef, pastrami.

La Jolla Blue Book: Do you have a special supplier?

Nosh Delicatessen: Our pastrami comes from Chicago and our corned beef comes from New York and our Lox comes from Nova Scotia. We also use a company in New York, where we get all our smoked meat.

La Jolla Blue Book: What sets this deli apart from the others in La Jolla?

Nosh Delicatessen: We’re a real delicatessen and there’s no other in La Jolla. There’s sandwich shops and franchises, but not the real thing. We are an old fashioned, 1920’s delicatessen. We sell real meat – a brisket that is cured.

La Jolla Blue Book: What’s the number one seller here?

Nosh Delicatessen: The number one seller is the Boss, which is a mixture of corned beef and pastrami with our home-made Russian dressing and Swiss Cheese. Another big seller for us has been the smoked fish – we sell a lot of white fish, sable and tons of our lox.

La Jolla Blue Book: I understand that you also do catering at events? Can you tell us about this?

Nosh Delicatessen: We do catering for lots of medical reps, bar mitzvahs, offices and corporate events. Right now it’s a major part of our business. We do over a thousand sandwiches a week in catering.

Nosh Delicatessen is the authentic Jewish Deli in La Jolla CA offers a truly authentic Jewish deli-style experience that really is unparalleled anywhere in or near the community. With an endless menu of both traditional and specialty items for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any event in need of good catering, we recommend that you check out Nosh and be sure to wash down your delicious mean with a Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry Soda!

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