Newcomers San Diego Spotlight

The goal of Newcomers San Diego, LLC is to enhance the quality of life within a neighborhood by encouraging a well informed citizenry and a prosperous community. Newcomers San Diego provides community information and services to both new households and businesses by introducing them to selected civic, business and professional entities within that community. This information is presented to the newcomer or business by a friendly and knowledgeable newcomers representative. After many years of service locally, it has established a tremendous reputation within La Jolla organizations.

Newcomers San Diego is the official welcoming service for the city of San Diego and San Diego County. This niche program targets the new resident consumer who has an immediate need for the resources and information about the community.

Through a personal visit to the new homeowner or business, a representative presents a package of advertising materials, complimentary gifts and civic information. Included in this material is a copy of the local Blue Book.

Call Newcomers San Diego to arrange for delivery of your gift package!

Please contact Julie Taylor of Newcomers San Diego:

Telephone:  858.997.6256




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