New Years Eve DIY: Drinks, Food, & Decor

New Years Eve is a night of celebration, romance, and reflection. As the year comes to an end, throwing your New Years Eve party should be an easy and simple task. Here are some wonderful do-it-yourself ideas for the ultimate New Years Eve bash.


What would a New Years Eve party be without a Champagne toast! Here is a great idea from our favorite local blogger, La Jolla Mom! Simply take individual sized Champagne bottles, chill them inside of tumblers, add a straw, and serve them to all of your guests! The perfect way to make sure everyone is able to join the toast. You can even personalize these drinks with labeled name tags tied around the neck of the bottle. These will definitely become a crowd pleaser!

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This next drink is one of our favorite holiday treats! Simply take equal proportions of Peppermint Schnapps & Godiva Liqueur. Top it off with whipped cream, peppermint shavings, and you have a delicious & festive holiday drink! Perfect for your New Years Eve festivities.


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Make your New Years Party fun and creative by incorporating numerous bite sized dishes. This makes it much easier for your guests to be able to hold their drink & food while socializing at the same time. These small dishes also allow for you to become very imaginative and creative. To start off, try this individual french fry cone dish. Easy to bake, and even easier to prepare! Find festive ice cream cone wrappers and fill them with a handful of french fries. Garnish the top off with which ever ingredients you suit best! This is where your creative side can kick in. Try sprinkling parmesan and a little bit of truffle oil to create a savory dish. Or use basil and sea salt for a more rustic feeling!

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This dish will surely please your guests and nothing says ‘comfort food’ more than grilled cheese and tomato soup! Although a little bit more complex, this dish will be worth the preparation! Just pour a small amount of tomato soup into a shot glass, and pair that with a slice of grilled cheese on a toothpick. And that’s how you make perfect New Years Eve bite sized hors d’oeuvres!


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For your New Years Eve party this year try taking the traditional black, silver, and gold color schemes and take them to the next level. We absolutely love this gold and silver table centerpiece! A great theme to include is height! Try adding varying levels of height to create a more sophisticated look. We also love the incorporation of flowers in this piece. Add floral designs to your New Years Eve decorations to give it a fresh look. Include yellow roses, black ribbon, and mirrored vases to give your party a modern twist.

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A huge trend this year in party decorating is clocks. What other better way to ring in the new year with festive and fun sized clocks? Count down to midnight with these easy decorations. Include them in either a candle display, hang them from the wall, or even incorporate them into a floral display. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

How will you be decorating your New Years party? Share with us some of your favorite do-it-yourself ideas by commenting below and by following us on pinterest. Happy New Years!

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