New Painting Replaces First in the Murals of La Jolla Series

murals of la jolla
A big change for La Jolla’s mural series has come to fruition – the very first mural installed through the Murals of La Jolla program, “Girl from Ipanema” by Kim MacConnel (2010), has been replaced with Heather Gwen Martin’s new work “Landing.” One of the largest in the Murals program, installation of the piece took more than a week at 7724 Girard Ave.

Starting with removal of the former piece and prep and priming, “Landing” was unveiled last week. Standing three stories tall, this is the largest piece artist Martin has ever done. Since Kim’s Ipanama mural was painted directly on its site, unlike most of the other murals which were made using the characteristic billboard technology, the Murals of La Jolla Art committee decided to replace it with another painting. Now, Heather Gwen Martin’s quintessential vibrant color palette has beautifully ensconced the exterior of the three-story tower on the Drury Lane side of the Lapiz Building.

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The prominent, brilliant orange background is spliced with other vivid colors, creating a dynamic abstract composition. Large gestural shapes are broken up by delicate sinews of color creating a sense of layering and depth. Her boldly experimental color combinations interplay strategically with one another to affect the way the viewer perceives form, color, and space, and purposefully counters the geometric lines of the building with eye-catching curves.

murals of la jolla

As a painter, she primarily works in oil on large-scale linen canvases and delves deeply into the world of color theory and abstraction. Her two-dimensional work boldly plays with how to evoke a sense of space through color relationships. Martin’s choices of color and composition experiment with how to induce the viewer’s physical and mental stimuli to augment the perception of space.

Martin was born in Canada, though she attended UCSD and now splits her time between the Great White North and California. She has been a part of many notable solo and group exhibitions in southern California, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

To learn more about the murals, visit or schedule a tour via the Athenaeum. 

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