Newest La Jolla Mural, Suns, Installed on Fay Avenue

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The side of the Empress Hotel on Fay Avenue is home to a new La Jolla mural – Suns, a collaboration between Victoria Fu and Byron Kim. Fu primarily works with moving images, while Kim is a painter; this is their first collaboration. The artists utilized a distinctive technique that embraces the mural’s medium (digital image printed on vinyl) while simultaneously allows it to blend in with the beautiful sky of La Jolla behind it. 

To create Suns, the starting image was photographed from the top floor window of the Empress. The resulting image went through a process of being printed then re-photographed as a printed photograph hung on a wall, staged with lighting in the studio. The glowing orb that appears sun-like is actually a reflection of a studio lamp on the photo’s material surface. Its slanted incandescent light as captured on the studio surface echoes the raking light of a La Jolla sunset on the hotel’s exterior walls. The result of this process and staging is shown to the viewer as “a photograph of a photograph” – the mural image being a displaced reference to the actual view from the site.

la jolla mural

Victoria Fu was born in Santa Monica, California. She creates exciting immersive installation spaces that incorporate everything from 16mm film to photography, sound, and video. Fu works to explore virtual space and figure out how the viewer can tactically interact with digital environments. She currently lives and works in nearby Los Angeles.

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Byron Kim was born in La Jolla in 1961. He is most known for the minimalist paintings he created in the 1990s. Through a lens of minimalism, he tackles issues of racial and political identity; he often works with a monochromatic or dichromatic palette to succinctly explore ways of color-sampling objects, places, or people. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Murals of La Jolla tours are offered the last Wednesday of the month starting at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library at 5:30pm. Check out the next one on March 30th!

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