New Foods At The 2015 San Diego County Fair

The 2015 San Diego County Fair opens June 5, and a visit to the fair wouldn’t be complete without indulging in a sweet or deep fried concoction. Along with the usual fair favorites, Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls, and Tasti-Chips, Pork is gracing the menu boards at the 2015 San Diego County Fair. Check out what’s new this year:



  • BBQ Pig Skins – deep-fried pig skins tossed in BBQ seasoning.
  • Pig Trough – three pounds of pig skins topped with pulled pork and cheese.
  • Sweet Pork Tacos and Burritos
  • Chocolate-Covered Pork Rinds
  • Deep-Fried Pork Sandwich



  • Breaded Cajun Shrimp and Jalapeños
  • Cajun Pork Rinds
  • Cajun Shrimp Skewers
  • Cajun Hushpuppies – cornmeal deep fried with Cajun flavoring.
  • Wasabi Bacon Bombs – spicy pork with wasabi, wrapped in dough and bacon and fried.
  • Wasabi Bacon Fries – fries with wasabi, bacon, grilled onions and peppers.
  • Chicken-Fried Bacon – bacon in chicken-fried steak batter.
  • Bacon-on-a-Stick – 10 feet of bacon.



  • S’mores-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dessert – a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, Hershey’s bar, toasted marshmallows, graham crackers, and another layer of cookie dough. It’s then baked and served à la mode and garnished in hot fudge.
  • Deep-Fried Starbucks®? – Starbucks whole coffee beans and chocolate chips in sweet pastry dough, wrapped in bacon, deep fried, rolled in sugar and served with whipped cream.
  • Caramel Coconut Samoa Donut
  • Corn-Flavored Ice Cream-on-the-Cob
  • Fireball® Donut


  • Deep-Fried Slimfast® Bar – a battered, deep-fried Slimfast Meal Bar.
  • Deep-Fried Peanut Butter Pickle – a hollowed out pickle filled with peanut butter and then deep fried.


    • Cuban Fusion Burger is a seasoned beef patty, smoked ham and garnished with pickles, tomato and chipotle aioli.
    • Sriracha Corn Dog. Chicken Fries – chicken strips in a French fry shape) will also grace the menu.
    • Grilled French Onion Soup Sandwich
    • Grilled Cheese Frito Crunch Sandwich
    • Grilled French Onion Soup
    • Shark Taco
    • Po’ Boy Fish and Shrimp Sandwiches – traditionally made on French baguette, Louisiana-style.
    • Brussels Sprouts Sandwich – lightly toasted sprouts with hoisin, honey and Sriracha sauce.

With more than 1,000 items on the food vendors’ collective menus – there is something for everyone at this years San Diego County Fair.

The theme for the 2015 San Diego County Fair, presented by Albertsons|Vons is “A Fair to Remember: Celebrate The World’s Fairs and Balboa Park,” and commemorates the centennial anniversary of the 1915 Panama – California Exposition held in Balboa Park. The Fair will run for 25 days, from Friday, June 5 at 4 p.m. through Sunday, July 5, 2015, and will be closed on Mondays and the first two Tuesdays.

[Images courtesy of the San Diego County Fair]

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