Music And Art At Moonglow Design Studio

This Saturday Moonglow Design Studio is hosting a free event where you can enjoy cheese and wine, live music and art all at the same time. To get to the studio on 5763 La Jolla Blvd, follow the sound of Ukuleles and guitars, as a mellow Hawaiian band will be providing the soundtrack to the evening’s festivities.


Don’t be fooled when you arrive and find that it’s also the same address as a plumbing business. Mike Glancy, the owner, is a plumber by career and an art aficionado by hobby. Moonglow Design is an art studio facade with tools, pipes and plumbing fixtures hidden in the back. Mike displays the works of various local artists throughout his storefront, yet he truly enjoys art with oceanic themes; there is a Michelangelo inspired surf rack on his deck, a large etching of La Jolla Cove on a mirror in his entry way and a wooden table of carved wooden dolphins in his front room.


While the technical side of plumbing is still the lucrative part of his business, Mike continues to support the local art scene out of pure love for art and his community. He often hosts musicians on his deck for Bird Rock’s Saturday night crowd and even allows artists to hang their works or create live art for weekday crowds. This Saturday’s featured Hawaiian band consists of three men who sing traditional Hawaiian tunes accompanied by string instruments. Show your support by coming down to enjoy the cool ocean breeze, oceanic art and cool tunes this weekend.

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