Murals of La Jolla: ‘Demos Gracias’ Adorns Wall Above Galaxy Taco

murals of la jolla

The phrase and title of this piece, Demos Gracias, translates as ‘a call for thanksgiving’ – a message that artist Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia conveys through a golden sunburst and a lively pattern to create what is arguably one of the most colorful La Jolla murals to date. Papel Picado (an essential decoration for special occasions and an homage to traditional Mexican Folk art) and Prayer banners intersect the image, reading optimistic messages like “for love” and “for a better future.” The mural resides above Galaxy Taco down at La Jolla Shores.

Segovia’s work is deeply rooted in traditional practices, but seeks to find its place within contemporary art. He attempts to redefine Christian themes and open up a conversation that is reinvigorated through new points of view away from conservative dogma. Segovia was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. He received his BA from UCLA and then went on to receive his MFA from Otis College of Art and Design.

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His work was most recently featured in a solo show at the Vincent Price Art Museum in Los Angeles, California. He currently teaches as an Assistant Professor of Illustration at Otis College of Art and Design and lives in Los Angeles.

Demos Gracias is located at 2259 Avenida de la Playa in La Jolla (right above the new Galaxy Taco). If you want to check out all 17 pieces, Murals of La Jolla offers tours the last Wednesday of the month starting at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library at 5:30pm.

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