How To Order a Milkshake at Shakeaway La Jolla

The world’s largest milkshake bar, Shakeaway made its American debut in La Jolla at 723 Pearl Street this past July. The UK based “re-inventors” of milkshakes has over 180 different flavors and millions of combinations to choose from. Shakeaway’s wall-to-wall menu can be a little intimidating at first, but yours truly will guide you through it before you head over for a cool treat.

Choose Your Size
The milkshakes come in three sizes: regular ($4.99), large ($5.99) and Junior size ($3.99). Limited edition and specialty milkshake prices vary.

The Foundation
All milkshakes are made with vanilla ice cream. However, you can easily substitute it with fat-free frozen yogurt upon request at no additional cost. Dairy-free? No problem! Soy ice cream or soy milk can be substituted for an additional $1.29.

Choose Your Flavor
The first flavor is free and any additional flavors are $1.49 each. This means that you can choose a flavor within these categories: Chocolatey, Sweety, Fruity, Fit & healthy (made with fat-free frozen yogurt), Cookies, Cakey, and everything Elsey. For example: from the Chocolatey category you can choose Almond Joy as your first flavor. If you choose to mix in another flavor such as Snickers it will cost you an additional $1.49.

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Extra Toppings
For an extra $.69 you can add toppings as well as tops and bottoms to your milkshake. For the toppings choose from any of the of yummy candy on display: Babyruth, Butterfinger, gummy bears, marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, and more. You can also buy any of the candy on display to enjoy on its own. For tops and bottoms choose from butterscotch, chopped nuts, Reese’s pieces mini, and sea salt caramel truffle. You can also add some ‘additudes’ to your milkshake like protein, muscle builder, and malt.

Specialty Flavors
Feeling adventurous? Try one of these world famous named shakes: ‘Taste of London’ (+$1) with flavors like Cadbury caramel, and Kinder Bueno. ‘Taste of Mexico’ (also for an additional dollar) flavors include Carlos V, and Mazapan.

Receive a 10% discount when you show your military, student or emergency services ID. They also have a frequent VIP Club Royalty card where you get your 11th regular milkshake for free plus other exclusive VIP discounts.

Shakeaway also offers soda shakes, fries (re-invented), frozen yogurt, and smoothies. Try a combo meal – get a standard regular milkshake and regular fries for $5.69 or standard large milkshake and large fries for $6.89.

Have you tried Shakeaway La Jolla? Let us know your experience by leaving a comment below.


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