Metro Detailing Specialists: At the Forefront of Detailing Technology and Water Conservation

metro detailing specialists
Since it’s inception in 1993, Metro detailing Specialists (MDS), a mobile detailing and car wash service, has been at the forefront of new car wash technology and efficiency. MDS’ founder, David Sanmugam started out detailing cars at the age of 15 and has made a successful career out of it, including paying his way through college.

Today, MDS services its growing client base with two shops and multiple mobile routes. Apart from car washing and detailing, they also offer a wide array of add-on services to recondition your vehicle including dent, paint, leather, glass, and wheel repair, as well as window tint, protective coatings installation and more!

MDS is so much more than just car washing and detailing. We sat down with David and learned what makes MDS so special and their strive for water conservation.

LJBB: How is MDS different?
David Sanmugam: We are different in such that we offer a one stop shop and are essentially an automotive concierge. Anything automotive we can handle or steer you in the right direction. Too busy for your automotive errands? We can take care of it for you. Trips to dealer, service, body shop, tires, oil change, transporting vehicles — these are just some of the concierge services we offer.

LJBB: Why is it so important for MDS to be water conscious?
David Sanmugam: With California drought getting worse, it’s up to everyone to conserve. Us included as a business that uses water, we have to do our part. With that in mind: we have reduced our consumption down to just four gallons per car wash. And we are not satisfied with that number as we continuously look for other ways to save water. Switching to steam would bring us down to one gallon per car wash. Other options like waterless or dry washing, which we offer, are also ways to save water.

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LJBB: What are the benefits of hiring a professional instead of doing it yourself?
David Sanmugam: Using a professional means saving you time, water, and money. We use four gallons of water compared to home owner uses who uses 25-50 gallons of water to wash their own car! We also offer our expertise on ways to restore your vehicle back to new-like conditions, which not only saves you from buying a new car, but also adding value at the same time.

LJBB: What about car waxing?
David Sanmugam: MDS is at the fore front of technology. We are a no wax shop. Meaning we do not wax cars any more, as paint technology evolves so does protection. We coat vehicles with an array of polymer and ceramic coatings. Why ceramic compared to wax? Lasts longer and saves you money in the long run. We can coat a vehicle with a six month protection in less time at same cost, compared to traditional wax which only lasts six weeks, if that. This technology is hands down the protection for your car.

Metro Detailing Service (MDS) services all of San Diego including Downtown San Diego, Oceanside, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Solana Beach, La Jolla. Receive 10% off any service by visiting their website here or call 800-METRO-DETAIL to make an appointment.

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