Making The Most of Your Summer Home Renovations

Renovating your home can be a fun, albeit stressful, experience. Though we live in the famously sunny southern California, there are still seasons, and any extensive renovation, such as roof work, should be completed in the summer. Even in California you want to be careful to have as minimal chance of rain as possible.

While many renovation projects on houses are centered on the home itself, neglecting the outdoor area of your property is a big mistake. Your neighbors won’t appreciate your unpolished gardening, plus that curbside appeal is a huge selling point if you ever want to relocate. Hiring a La Jolla Landscaping Contractor can help you get started on a front yard project to bring more curbside appeal. Summer is the perfect season to get motivated to work on outdoor renovation projects. Plus you get to enjoy the sunshine while you work!

Here are some ideas for getting started with your renovations and working proficiently!

  • Get inspired! One great benefit to outdoor renovation is that you can walk around your neighborhood and find inspiration on every doorstep. Take that first step in renovation literally by taking a stroll to see what the Jones’s are doing with their landscaping and outdoor living areas. The neighborhoods in La Jolla are full of unique and beautifully landscaped homes. See something you like? Take a picture or write some notes. Make a collection of your favorite ideas. It doesn’t matter at this point if they are in any particular order: that will come next!
  • Decisions, Decisions: After getting some good ideas from the neighbors, or the Internet or wherever your imagination takes you, it’s time to sit down and decide what you might really want to do to your home. In this phase of the renovation process, go ahead and plan out what your dream renovation would look like if time and money were no objects. . This is the time to let your imagination run wild and come up with as many ideas as possible. The next step will be to edit the renovations to the practical side, but for now it’s best to put no restraints on your creative process.
  • Time: Especially if you’re thinking of doing gardening or other projects that can be time-sensitive, consider how much time your whole project might consume. Be sure to take into consideration how long you are willing to have the particular room or area in a state of chaos this summer season. If you’re planning on having a lot of summer guests, you might want to hold off on the big projects until a more convenient time.
  • Money: Not the most fun part, but with all the great ideas in beautiful La Jolla, your aspirations for your home might be bigger than your pocketbook. Your financial situation will determine how much you want to budget for renovations. This is the time to take all of your great ideas and figure out how to turn them into a practical plan for your home. It can be helpful in this stage to sit down with someone has had experience in landscaping—or whatever particular renovations you are planning—to give you an idea of how much everything will cost, how long it will take, and how practical your ideas would really be to put in place.
  • Research Contractors: Finding a professional and proficient remodeling contractor will make all the difference in the process and the result. Look for someone that comes with good recommendations for both quality of work, reliable time frames, and accurate budgets. Remember that the extra time you spend researching the contractor is more than compensated for by the time, expense and headache of dealing with a bad contractor.
  • Shortcut: If you have little time or money, remember that some simple cleanup or additions such as deck furniture can really make an old space feel reinvigorated. Also, hiring a painting contractor in La Jolla to add some color to your interior and exterior spaces can always bring that extra special touch. Adding party lights, lanterns, or other small inexpensive decorations can really make a space come alive for those summer afternoons on the deck.

However you decide to make the most of your summer renovations, remember that you will be the one living there, so make sure you enjoy the space!

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