Local La Jolla Ways to Burn Calories Outside for Free

San Diego boasts good weather throughout the year. Especially around La Jolla where the marine layer often blocks out the sun, but holds in the warmth, locals have no excuse not to be out and about.

The onset of the holidays brings good, hearty meals and treats of all sorts to eat; now is the time to be aware of our health and explore free alternatives to gyms and Zumba classes. I spoke with Kevin Smith, a local personal trainer, who gave me insight into the best spots to train for free in La Jolla. Smith mentioned several outside, fitness locations.


Whether you like the rugged trails connecting La Jolla’s Glider Port down to Black’s Beach, the stadium stairs at La Jolla High School or the hidden steps from the Cove to the top of the La Valencia Hotel, stairs are a great way to get some cardio around the city. Depending on his client’s determination, Smith will sometimes take people to the staircases up and around the Convention Center downtown. It’s free, by the water and a great leg workout.


La Jolla Shores is not just a beach with a coastline full of surfers. The Shores has a large grassy area next to a playground, where moms can conveniently let their children run wild, while they run down the boardwalk or set-up a yoga mat on the grass. Another suggestion is to wake up early and run to watch the sunrise or take an evening jog to see the sunset to the top of Mt. Soledad with a friend. Mission Bay Park is a large stretch of grass and sand lining the bay, however, there is a great sidewalk for running, walking or even rollerblading, conveniently located right at the end Clairemont Dr, off the 5 freeway.


Smith recommends Meetup.com to anyone hoping to get active and stay active while meeting new people. You can get out of your comfort zone and try a new sport or find a group of friends who enjoy the same activities as you. With meetups around San Diego from hiking, scootering, sailing and paddle boarding to softball, volleyball, bocce ball and countless other outdoor adventures, Meetup is a sure way to have fun while getting fit.

If you can’t work up the motivation to venture out or tackle these workouts on your own, call Smith. Smith works with individual clients at their homes or at outside locations. He specializes in functional training – strengthening, flexing, endurance, weight loss/gain, nutrition – workouts that strengthen people for the daily activities. He is also a representative for the brand Advocare, a supplement which he started taking about two years ago to boost his energy and help him sleep.

“I find a lot of people are just not educated,” Smith said about nutrition.

He insists that fad diets are only short term solutions and encourages everyone to better their lifestyles by incorporating the right amount of exercise and healthy eating into their daily habits. Smith helps his clients do this; even so, he’s not a strict disciplinary.

“I believe in moderation. Have your wine, have your cake, have your bacon! But have everything in moderation.”

Keeping active and healthy is the best way to battle the fall’s onslaught of colds and sweets. Whether you decide to stay in La Jolla or explore the rest of San Diego (try the running the stairs at the Convention Center Downtown or free yoga in Balboa Park), outside locations are the best free ways to begin your workout routine.

Check out Blue Book’s list of Personal Trainers in La Jolla. Or if you’re interested in contacting Kevin visit, KevCo. Get outside and go!

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