Community Spotlight: Liana Bowdler Discusses Love for La Jolla & Local Real Estate

liana bowdler

Liana Bowdler has been working and living in La Jolla since 1986 and is truly passionate about her community and career. She graduated from SDSU and has experience in several elements of business – from owning and operating her own company to personal real estate investing. She is one of La Jolla’s premiere real estate agents, and as a local resident, she is familiar with all aspects of the community. Liana spoke to the Blue Book about why she loves La Jolla and her career and shared a few expert pointers with us.

What made you decide to become a realtor? 

Selling real estate was a natural progression for me. My father worked as a builder and architect, so I was around real estate and property starting at a young age. As I got older and began to make investments of my own, I realized that real estate is one of the best and most important investments one can make in their lifetime – it’s a great avenue for building wealth and offers significant protection against inflation.

What do you love most about selling real estate in La Jolla? 

La Jolla is such a unique and charming community. The surrounding mountains provide a lovely sense of quiet seclusion, and the rough coastline offers beautiful scenery and often very dramatic waves. The town itself has a rich and captivating history, and has been home to many famous people including Gregory Peck, Rachel Welch, Jonas Salk, Ellen Browning Scripps, and even our very own oceanographer, Walter Munk. La Jolla’s colorful past and sense of community, culture, and natural beauty are just a part of what make it so special.

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Where do you foresee the real estate market going?

The real estate market is constantly changing and it’s tough to answer that question without going into a lot of detail; however, one thing that I do tell my clients is that real estate is not generally a great short-term investment. It’s something that displays its benefits in the long-term, and if you think of it as something that grows over time and plan to hold onto property for several years, you will have a greater chance of building wealth. Despite the peaks and valleys of sales prices in the La Jolla real estate market, the graph of home prices (over time) straightens out into a gradual upward trend – so stick with it!

Some Quick Tips from the Expert:

  1. For Buyers: Don’t be in a hurry! Enlist your agent’s advice and assistance in helping to make wise buying decisions. Agents who have been through the purchase process themselves are also uniquely understanding of what you need. They can educate you on some of the most important aspects of making such a major investment.
  2. For Sellers: First impressions – your agent can help you a lot with this. Contact and enlist your agent BEFORE you are ready to sell, as they may help you a lot with prioritizing your preparation. I offer a free staging consultation from a professional designer/stager, which can make an incredible difference in the amount of time your home is on the market, the number of offers, and ultimately even the sale price.

Selling your home can be a daunting process, and if you don’t know where to begin it can be difficult to get started. When you contact Liana, she’ll meet with you in your home and help you determine its market value. Once listed, she’ll help you with all aspects of the sale, from preparation to staging, closing, and beyond. If you are thinking of buying a home, Liana will search high and low to find what you are seeking – she’s often found properties for buyers that aren’t even on the market yet!

Call Liana at (858) 775-3416 or email her at for a consultation today. Her office is located on Ivanhoe Avenue in the heart of the Village.

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