Last Minute shopping opportunities featuring some of La Jolla’s oldest businesses

The Ascot Shop


The Ascot Shop commenced business in La Jolla, California in 1950. It has continued its superb operations with its alluring double Dutch front doors and excellent staff that have continued to welcome friends and customers alike since the initial day of opening its doors.

Jack Matzinger was the originator of the Ascot Shop, while Bill White began working at the progressive business when he was attending college at San Diego State University. Jack exerted his efforts not only towards the business but additionally prepared Bill to ultimately take over the store. Bill formally acquired the shop from Jack once Jack retired.

Created as a traditional, conservative men’s haberdashery, the store began to outgrow its repute and was in need of some modernization. The efforts towards that end are now obvious to those in the know.

Bill’s son Andrew teamed up with his father during the mid-1990s and has continued to be an essential aspect of the flourishing business. He has been accountable for fashioning a measured swing towards more contemporary clothing while simultaneously upholding the quality the Ascot Shop built its reputation on and which continues to this day.

In 2000, the Ascot Shop undertook a comprehensive store modernization under the direction of world renowned architect Robert Mosier. Robert was responsible for designing the celebrated Coronado Bay Bridge in San Diego. The Ascot Shop now showcases its one-of-a-kind products surrounded by stunning hardwood flooring, state of the art lighting, antique tables and Honduras mahogany cabinetry.

The Ascot Shop is continuously progressing in order to meet the desires of the ever faithful consumers. Towards that end, the managements and staff are observant of the shifting lifestyles as the fashion industry changes from day to day and year after year. Nevertheless, one unbroken promise that remains with the Ascot Shop is that it exudes efforts to retain the standard of quality and customer service that the people of the San Diego community will receive from the devoted staff of experts at the Ascot Shop.

Bowers Jewelers


Since 1945, Bowers Jewelers has been providing the La Jolla community and surrounding San Diego area with stunning, exquisite jewelry. When you as a lover of quality jewelry behold an item and spontaneously fall in love with it, there is a certainty you won’t leave the premises unrewarded. When individuals step into the expansive and sophisticated store, eyes typically gravitate to the considerable selection of high-end jewelry. This is because Bowers Jewelers has made it a steadfast love to provide clients with want they seek to adorn themselves.

When people step into Bowers Jewelers they are treated like family. The staff is always customer oriented and know the value of relationships. The accommodating staff will assist you in choosing that picture-perfect and seamless engagement ring, set of earrings, a striking necklace, or a wristwatch that matches your personality. In short, when you enter the store, their loving staff will go out of their way to ensure that you find what you’re looking for.

Meanley Hardware


Meanley Hardware is your one-stop shop to find everything you need, even at that last moment when you cannot find what you need when you need it at the most. Replete with gourmet cooking wear, appliances for your kitchen from A to Z, dependable and long-lasting Ace and Frazee paint, provisions for your everyday cleaning needs, as well as garden, electrical, plumbing, miscellaneous hardware, and all the thingamajigs, fasteners, glues, and what-have-you’s you seek and expect, Meanley & Son Ace Hardware is a quality stockpile and veritable treasure trove for your everyday wants and needs.

Ellen B. Scripps became a legend in the La Jolla and greater San Diego community as a result of her generous devotion to the service of others. Back in 1948, her niece, Nackey Scripps Meanley, together with her husband Tom and son William, established Meanley & Son Hardware which was devoted to maintaining an unprecedented standard of service.

Now 65 years later, the institution continues. In 1997, Meanley’s teamed with ACE Hardware Co-op., a cooperative of autonomously held and operated hardware stores piecing together a service to afford patrons with first-rate service and always competitive values. Meanley’s endeavors to embrace the needs of its 21st century clientele with a devotion to providing their needs with a well-informed, knowledgeable staff.

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