La Jolla Restaurants Most Unusual Menu Items

One of La Jolla’s claims to fame is the five star dining found in the city. From burger joints to ocean view gourmet restaurants visited by celebrities, La Jolla has it all in terms of dining. As such, La Jolla isn’t hurting when it comes to top of the line steak, lobster, lasagna, and truffle fries – but what are the most unusual menu items you can find in La Jolla? Surely in a city that boasts some of the most epic restaurants in the country, there must be some pretty inventive menu items. Intrigued, we decided to investigate.

From seafood to pizza to comfort food staples and a lot in between, we found some of the most unusual menu items in La Jolla. You may be surprised just how creative some of the chefs at La Jolla’s most popular restaurants get. Here are some of the top unusual menu items we discovered:

Marine Room

-Marine Room

Marine Room: Elk isn’t a common menu item found in Southern California, but you can find it at the upscale Marine Room with the restaurant’s Cervena Elk and Venison Loin menu item. The entrée is served along with wattleseed, boniato, rhubarb preserve, and cacao nib port glaze. (Lots of brownie points to you if you know what all those ingredients are.)

Humphrey’s: Ever heard of a Sandabs fish? If not, you may still recognize one. Sandabs is a flat fish that features two eyes on top of its body. Though they’re not a super common fish entrée, they are tasty and Humphrey’s serves up some delectable Pacific Northwest Sandabs sautéed in a lemon caper reduction with a parmesan crust. The entrée comes with a side of basil infused orzo pasta. It’s definitely not a usual seafood menu item, but a memorable one.

beaumonts duckwich
Beaumont’s: With the appropriately named The Duckwich, Beaumont’s takes duck, which is normally an upscale menu item, and makes it more approachable with a pineapple-chipotle BBQ duck sandwich made with bruleed banana, cilantro, red onion, and brie. The mixture of ingredients makes it a truly unique and “ducklicious” (we couldn’t resist) sandwich. Beaumont’s also is home to the
incredibly delicious one-of-a-kind Coast Toast which is arguably the best french toast breakfast in La Jolla and San Diego.

The Cottage: Known for amazing breakfast food, the Cottage serves up breakfast favorites ranging from California omelettes to stuffed French toast. They also have the unusual menu item of Polenta Eggs Benedict, served with tomato relish, kale pesto, goat cheese sauce, and chives for a very European sounding benedict breakfast. And beginning in mid-September 2013, The Cottage is bringing back the best cinnamon rolls in San Diego in the form of its cinnamon rolls but you’ll have to hurry because they only will make a dozen per day. So get you’re running shoes on!



Piatti: Ever had pizza with brussels sprouts? You can at Piatti, which serves up a pizza with the normal fixings of Italian sausage, olives, and mozzarella…plus shaved brussels sprouts. Oh – and did we mention the sausage is house-made?

The Promiscuous Fork: Surf and turf is a favorite high end menu item, while grilled cheese is a home-cooked comfort food staple. Both are much loved and Promiscuous Fork had the ingenious idea of combining the two, resulting in their Surf and Turf Grilled Cheese. The awesome sounding sandwich consists of crab, pastrami, and lots of cheese – aged white cheddar and provolone – on grilled sourdough bread.

Roppongi: This Asian fusion restaurant has several inventive sushi rolls, but they really step up their game with the Steak and Fries roll. This creative roll includes Kobe beef, asparagus, avocado, crab, smoked Lomi Lomi, tomatoes and smoked paprika aioli. Just think of each piece as a taste explosion in your mouth.

We didn’t forget about those of you with a sweet tooth. Here are two not so common dessert items you can find in La Jolla:

-Bardot Bars

Bardot’s Bars: You can also get desert from an ice cream shop that specializes in ice cream bars dipped in an array of yummy flavors. Try Lucifer’s Dream, which is made with marshmallow-infused ice cream, dark chocolate, marshmallow bites, and a graham crust. It’s basically like S’mores on a stick – made even better with Bardot’s Bars’ delicious ice cream.


The Cravory

-The Cravory

The Cravory: For dessert, head to the La Jolla Farmer’s market and visit The Cravory booth and try the Pancake and Bacon cookies. In fact, why not just head there first thing in the day and have the cookies for breakfast? We won’t tell. Or if this isn’t your style, click to check out other fantastic La Jolla restaurants for dessert.

For your next meal out in La Jolla, consider mixing up your usual order and try something new. Though it may sound unusual, you might find that the mixture of dynamic flavors causes you to have a new favorite La Jolla meal.

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