La Jolla Yoga

If you love yoga or are curious to try it, you are in luck! La Jolla is home to at least two award-winning yoga studios. La Jolla’s two major yoga studios attract many loyal and enthusiastic customers every day. They have been consistently voted “Best in La Jolla” in local newspaper polls and welcome all newcomers, with beginning-level classes, special prices for the first week, tips for starting your practice and special attention when you need it. Both studios offer a variety of membership and payment plans. You can pay per class, by the month, for a series of classes, or for a whole year. Discounts are offered for military, teachers, students and seniors. And although only two studios are mentioned here, there are other options to consider, including the studios that offer hot yoga in La Jolla.

Prana Yoga Center, located at the corner of Hershel and Silverado, is owned and run by popular teacher Gerhard Gessner and his wife Alex. Prana’s emphasis is on vinyasa flow classes, but the studio also offers a full schedule of classes in other yoga styles, including hatha, happy back yoga, restorative yin yoga, kundalini yoga, meditation and prenatal yoga. There are three levels of classes at Prana: Level 1-2 for beginning and intermediate students, Level 2-3 for intermediate and advanced and All Levels, suitable for beginning or advanced. Many students prefer to alternate class styles and levels throughout the week. Prana offers several classes every day, starting as early as 6 a.m. and ending as late as 8 p.m. In addition to classes, Prana offers regular workshops, lectures, retreats and teacher training programs.

La Jolla Yoga Center, on Fay Avenue, was founded and directed by Jeanie Carlstead, another popular yoga teacher and mentor who trained and worked at Prana Yoga for many years. Jeanie opened her own center in 2009. She and her husband own the Hampton Inn in Kearny Mesa and incorporated the many conveniences and beautiful design of the hotel world into the design of their yoga studio. La Jolla Yoga Studio includes two separate exercise rooms, which can be combined for special events. The studio offers approximately 20 types of yoga, including alignment-based vinyasa, hatha, hatha/raja, healing raja, high school 101 (for high school students), Iyengar, meditation, pilates, power yoga, prenatal, restorative, sunrise, silver age, true beginner, vinyasa, yoga for a healthy back and yoga therapy, the Feldenkrais way. You can choose from more than 60 classes per week, from 6:30 a.m. through 7 p.m. daily, as well as private sessions. Class levels include True Beginner, Level 1/2 and Mixed Level. In addition, La Jolla Yoga Center offers many special workshops and lectures throughout the year by well-known teachers and several comprehensive teacher training programs.

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