La Jolla Yoga Studios Contribute to the Growing Fitness Trend

This year’s annual Yoga Journal Conference featured over thirty master teachers who hosted more than 100 classes.  The calming waters and the mild climate of San Diego, California offered the ideal backdrop for the conference.  However, the strong yoga community of local beach towns may have been more of a driving factor for the conference’s location.  In comparison to other areas in California, La Jolla yoga studios as well as studios in neighboring areas such as Encinitas have experienced some of the strongest growth in the yoga movement, especially in the past few years.

Studies report that there were 10 million “yogis” in the United States who practiced on a consistent basis in 2007.  In 2011, it was reported that the number had dramatically risen to 14.5 million, a 45% increase.  The strongest practicing region of yoga is the Pacific Mountain, with California experiencing the largest concentration.  For San Diego in particular, many studios and longtime yogis in coastal communities have seen the awareness of the sport shift to a dramatic growth in participation and in the industry itself.

Along with the increase in participation, yoga has become a fashion conscious sport.  While some attribute this to a high celebrity involvement, yoga has ultimately created a new lifestyle with its own fashion market.  There has been extreme and continued growth in sales for companies that specialize in yoga related fashions.  Next time you are shopping in La Jolla, stop at Lululemon Athletica or Lucky Activewear, popular yoga specialty stores offering the latest yoga apparel and trendy accessories.

La Jolla is home to dozens of yoga studios that emphasize the health benefits as well as the calming effects of yoga exercises.  With a variety of types and styles highlighting multiple techniques, there is a yoga class to suit your skill level and individual needs.  Additionally, Yoga studios in La Jolla usually provide a variety of experienced and professional teachers and classes throughout the day to fit your personal schedule.  If you are looking to begin practicing yoga, many studios offer introductory courses for a complimentary or low price to provide comfort and one-on-one assistance.

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