La Jolla Veterinary Hospital to Perform Free Dental Procedures for Pets During the Holidays

La Jolla Veterinary Hospital staff has volunteered to perform free dental procedures for the holidays! Dental cleaning is a process often overlooked by pet owners as it can be quite expensive and might seem unnecessary; and there is a lot of misinformation out there about dental cleaning with animals in general. To combat this, on December 3, La Jolla Vet will partner with the FACE Foundation to provide free dental procedures to local pets. 

According to current recommendations, dogs and cats need a dental cleaning twice a year. Unfortunately, these procedures can become expensive, especially if it has been a long time since your pet has had his or her teeth cleaned. Some owners pay a fortune for fillings while other pet owners will opt for a non-anesthetic dental cleaning.

The latter is actually a very dangerous option – many loving pet owners have been misinformed about non-anesthetic dental cleanings, and the cold, hard truth is that they are dangerous. The anesthetic-free dental cleaning industry has sadly been exposed as medically negligent and even unlawful in certain cases. It gives an owner a false sense of proper dental health when in fact it can mask potential gum disease that can lead to very serious illness and/or extreme oral pain for your beloved pet.

If your pet has not had a dental cleaning in a while and the veterinarian diagnoses gum disease and/or an infected tooth, your local vet will recommend extracting the affected teeth. Although it is a less expensive option than artificial crowns, it can still get very pricey. An extraction is still oral surgery, and the cost, for some, can prevent proper care.

The FACE Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps reduce economic euthanasia in San Diego county. They are confronted everyday with pet owners who cannot afford life-threatening veterinary care for the furry family member.  Together, La Jolla Veterinary Hospital and FACE are going to host a dental clinic on December 3rd, 2016, in which pre-selected pets will receive free dental procedures. When you get the right people together, you can make a difference!

For more information, visit the FACE Foundation’s website.

[press release provided by La Jolla Vet]

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