La Jolla Sports Club: Where Moms Can Work Out with Kids in Tow

la jolla sports club

When it gets down do it, most moms need some “me” time at the end of a long day with the kids or a little pick-me-up before the breakfast rush; if your alone time involves fitness and working out, then a gym with childcare is your perfect go-to during the week. The La Jolla Sports Club, one of La Jolla’s premiere fitness gyms, offers exactly that – a safe place for your child to color, do activities, and socialize while you get a little mommy time in.

So, How Does it Work?

Most of the staff members have been child minding for more than ten years, and they are all fully certified in first aid and CPR and have extensive experience working with children of all ages. The daycare is for children ages 3 months up to ten years old and is available as a drop-in for the more casual client or as a more permanent, prepaid option for the clients who work out multiple times a week. There are always at least two adults in the room with the children at all times, and activities range from coloring time to games and seasonal crafts. Each child can stay at the program for two hours max, giving you plenty of time for a solid workout or a spa treatment – the Club offers facials, massages, peels, acupuncture, and even physical therapy.

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How Much Does it Cost?

The La Jolla Sports Club offers three payment options for childcare at the gym.

  • Drop-in rates: $6/hour for one child and $4/hour for each additional child.
  • Punch cards: Put $50 on a punch card (that doesn’t expire) for 10 hours of care. It gets punched for the amount of time your child visits each time.
  • Automatic Electronic Funds Transfer: This option is great if you know you’ll be dropping your child off multiple times a week, and the system will bill your account on the 1st of each month automatically. The rates run $50/month for one child, $70/month for two children, $85/month for three children, and $100/month for four.

la jolla sports club

The Return of Date Night

Parents, you’re in luck! At least once a quarter, The Sports Club will be hosting a Date Night program where parents will be able to drop off their kids at the facility and head out to a local happy hour for an evening — and it’s included in the normal childcare rates. They’re even looking to team up with nearby restaurants and bars, so gym members will be eligible for some great food and drink discounts.

Additionally, the gym will be hosting a Member Appreciation Open House on January 30 partly in celebration of the Club’s recent ten year anniversary. This will involve specialty classes, local vendors giving out free samples of their products (places like Brick & Bell, juice/smoothie stores, and workout wear vendors), and yummy food and drink. Other fun nights for parents in the works are hosting a DJ at the gym once a month, quarterly member socials, and more community fundraisers. Needless to say, there’s a reason more moms go to this gym than any other fitness studio in La Jolla! Visit their website for more information and get signed up today.

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