La Jolla Senior Care Guide: Best Type of Care Aging Relatives

Senior Companionship in La Jolla: Finding the Right Home Health Care or Retirement Facilities for Your Aging Family Members

When family members age, there is a whole new set of concerns and responsibilities that arise. Among these concerns is the foremost need for companionship and health care for seniors, posing a pressing issue to family members who need to determine what type of care best suits their aging relatives.

Studies have shown that elderly individuals living alone not only have undue stress placed upon them, but they also develop worsening health conditions and sometimes even depression from being left alone consistently. This is especially true when they are placed in nursing homes or even in hospitals, making it essential to explore other options including assisted living facilities in La Jolla.

La Jolla home health care remedies all of the problems commonly associated with caring for aging seniors. There are countless, reputable and even award-winning options throughout La Jolla and the surrounding area that empowers seniors who wish to stay in their home to do so. These companies offer services from live-in caregivers to individuals who simply check on elderly members and spend time with them each week.

However, there is also a unique opportunity to place seniors in high-quality retirement facilities in La Jolla. In fact, these retirement communities not only give seniors the companionship that they need, but they also have scheduled activities to keep seniors leading lives that they want to live. Just some of the amazing facilities local to La Jolla include options such as:

  • Casa De Mañana Retirement Community – As a self-proclaimed “front porch community”, Casa De Mañana Retirement Community is more than just a retirement home. In fact, this “House of Tomorrow” is anything but ordinary, overlooking the sea and creating a picturesque community that has been around for over 60 years. For freedom, fun and friends, you can feel confident about placing your elderly family members into this La Jolla paradise by the sea.
  • Chateau La Jolla –  Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the luxurious Chateau La Jolla consists of fine dining, excellent weather and a plethora of activities for residents to engage in. This facility offers seniors the unique option to spend one night, or a couple of nights, at the Chateau to determine whether or not this is a place that can be called home. With all of the attractions of San Diego just a short distance away, there is never a shortage of things to do when your elderly family members choose to live here.

While these three options are just a select few of the many options available in La Jolla and the surrounding area, they are indicative of the lavish lifestyle that seniors are accustomed to in this iconic community. For all retirement facilities worth checking out, you can always turn to the La Jolla Blue Book to uncover options in reach that are well-worth discovering.

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