La Jolla Lunch Review: Amici’s Pizzaria

I would like to preface today’s Burrito Review by apologizing for last week’s lack of one. I have an excuse: we were too busy to leave the office and had no time to eat lunch, let alone ponder the merits of its texture, serving sizes and spiciness. Then I made a second kaboozle, after missing my fix last Friday, by binging on burritos from Monday through Wednesday this week, which has rendered my critical faculties blunt and encumbered. Honestly, I might grow a tortilla exoskeleton if I eat another burrito in the next twenty-four hours.

But rather than disappointing any readers, we’ve decided to offer a new, and improved ‘La Jolla Lunch Review’ that lives up to the grandeur of the ‘Friday Burrito Reviews’ of old. From now on we’ll be looking at a wider range of food options, establishments and chain restaurants.


To get things moving, today we’re looking at another imported and rebranded American specialty; a childhood favorite to all, comfort food for the winter, soul food in the summer and the life-sustaining nourishment that keeps college students around the U.S. alive: pizza.

photo 1

A very wise author once said, “There’s very little in my world that a foot massage and a thin-crust, everything-on-it pizza won’t set right,” and today those words rang true, as we flicked opened a box from Amici’s, the classic East Coast Pizzeria specializing in thin-crust pies. No matter how many times we’ve been through this routine, I still start salivating (Pavlovian style) when the smell of crispy dough and melted cheese wafts across the room like an edible ghost. As far as the nitty gritty goes, here’s the break down:

The Good:

*The crust. Amici’s knows a thing or two about baking thin crust pizzas to perfection. It was crunchy, but fresh and chewable. Nobody’s gums or cheeks were shredded by sharp edges and it didn’t sound like we’d ordered toast for lunch.

*The Toppings – just look at these pictures. The peppers and jalapenos waltzed in a sea of crispy cheese. It was poetry, really.

*The serving size – There was enough. We were eight strong at Blue Book HQ today, and when there’s hot pizza floating around everybody turns into a jackal-ish version of themselves, ready to tear the crust from your fingers. Thankfully nothing wild or unruly went down.

photo 2

The Bad

*On somewhat undemocratic fashion, no pineapple topping was included. This is entirely a dig at person who ordered and has nothing to do with Amici’s, but had to be said. Otherwise I’m full, happy and too tired to moan about anything realistic.

Next week we’re turning over a new leaf and pledging to review a healthy food item, like Acai bowls or millet energy bars. But in the meantime, office closes in 30 and so which of the La Jolla Happy Hour spots shall I try?!?

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