La Jolla Landscapers Help Homeowners Add Value to Their Homes

Homes throughout the La Jolla community vary in styles from Mediterranean inspired mansions to charming beach cottages.  With so many different architectural styles, the area boasts a variety one of a kind homes.  However, there is one commonality among a majority of La Jolla homes.  Each home has beautiful curb appeal.  Whether La Jolla landscapers were used or the homeowners engaged in a do-it-yourself project, many of homes in the area are beautifully landscaped with green grassy areas, beautiful flowers and mature trees.

Curb appeal is important for individuals looking to sell or those simply looking to add value to their home.  Potential home buyers form their first impression of a home from its curb appeal.  Homes with attractive exteriors tend to command higher prices, taking less time to sell in the La Jolla real estate market.  There are a few basic landscaping changes that individuals can execute themselves to create eye-catching and attractive curb appeal.

–          Clean Up Your Lawn – Bare spots or weeds are unattractive in terms of curb appeal.  A simple way to add value is to make sure your lawn is trimmed, free of weeds, and is watered regularly.  This creates a tidy and attractive appearance.

–          Add Colorful Planters or Planting Beds – Plants add color and enlighten otherwise boring areas of the front of the home.  Used along the driveway or walkways creates a unique and beautiful display that is relatively easy to maintain.

–          Install Landscape Lighting – Landscape lighting highlights the best features of your garden or outdoor space.  Strategically installing lighting can add an entirely different ambiance to the front of your home.

–          Plant a Tree – The value of mature trees is somewhat difficult to determine.  However, housing experts state the presence of mature trees definitely adds to the property’s overall value and buyers are typically willing to spend more when visible from the front of the home.

It is also important to not make any drastic changes that are out of character with your neighborhood because doing so may jeopardize the assessed value of your home.  If you are uncertain about what to plant or which outdoor additions will work best with the design of your home, utilize one of the local landscapers in La Jolla.  Their experience and expertise in the area will help you create a custom design and construction that corresponds appropriately with the neighborhood.

Larger jobs including sprinkler system installation, decks, fencing and fire pit additions are also available through professional landscape companies.  Browse our directory to find a landscaper that will help add value with a beautifully landscaped yard, complimenting the style of your home and your personal lifestyle.

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