La Jolla High Students Help In Effort To End Bullying

August 23-27 is locally recognized as Anti-bullying week throughout the San Diego Unified School District. This week at La Jolla High School, students have been participating in a number of spirited activities to help create awareness and put a stop to this horrible injustice. Activities include wearing purple ribbons in support of stopping bullying, to a school wide signing of a no-bully pledge. Other lighthearted activities include ‘free hugs’ friday, ‘ask me for a compliment’ stickers, and free cookies for freshmen in order to welcome the incoming class to high school. Purple, the official color of anti-bullying week, is a standout color on campus this week. The entire school has been decorated in purple ribbons, balloons, chalk, and posters. Chalk quotes on the ground cover everything from serious statistics about bullying and dropout rates, to inspirational and motivational sayings such as, “You look BEAUTIFUL today!”.

Besides events planned by the student body, individual school clubs are helping in the support for creating awareness. V.A.C.H.I. club (Voices against cruelty, hatred, & intolerance) has put together some wonderful events on campus. So far, V.A.C.H.I. has organized signing cards to the family of 12-year old Rebecca Ann Sedwick who committed suicide due to bullying earlier this month. And later this week, V.A.C.H.I. is hosting a cake social where students can meet new friends and learn something new about somebody else. Support from clubs like V.A.C.H.I. and every student is what helps create a bully-free campus at La Jolla High.

Spirit and student engagement seen here is what makes La Jolla High such a wonderful addition to the community. For more information on anti-bullying week, visit the district’s Bullying Awareness website. What will you do in your community to help put an end to bullying? Let us know any thoughts or reflections by commenting below.

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