Tasty La Jolla Catering Options for Your Next Summer Event

When you’re hosting an event, planning each and every detail can get overwhelming. You have to decide the number of guests, the venue, the theme, and of course, the food. To make your lives and your party planning a little easier, we have put together a list of some great La Jolla catering options that have impeccable menus for the perfect dining experience at your next event, whatever it may be.

Breakfast and Lunch Work Meetings

Photo credit: @calxcape

Photo credit: @calxcape

If you’re hosting a meeting at your office and want simple, delicious food with no effort on your part, then Girard Gourmet is the solution for you. Girard Gourmet offers both a breakfast catering menu and a lunch catering menu to cater to your specific needs. They have up to seven different breakfast options, ranging from a simple coffee service for $2 per person to an extensive breakfast buffet, which includes eggs, fruit salad, potato pancakes and breakfast meats, at $12 a person. For lunch, Girard Gourmet offers sandwich or salad lunch options at a range of $10 to $12.95 per person. Whatever your work meeting entails, Girard Gourmet’s catering is sure to be a highlight.

Outdoor Summer Party

IMG_6242While we have raved about Puesto’s inexpensive and healthy lunch options, we have yet to tell you about their catering. Puesto has two options for catering: the taco bar and the Puesto food truck. The taco bar is as simple as it sounds; Puesto employees will bring portable griddles to your home, along with handmade tortillas and all of the fixings, and make delicious street tacos right in front of you. The taco bar costs around $25 per person, with a minimum of 20 guests. The pink Puesto food truck is a unique experience and is perfect if you have a large outdoor crowd. The truck also costs $25 per person, but requires that you have at least 100 guests. Because the taco bar and food truck must be set up in outdoor locations, they are the perfect option for when you want fresh Mexican street food at your summer party.

Family DinnerRegents Pizzeria Facebook

If you’re hosting your extended family and want to have a carefree and seemingly home-cooked meal, then Regents Pizzeria is the solution. Italian is automatic comfort food and Regents’ catering menu is full of pastas, pizzas, salads, calzones and appetizers that are sure to please a wide variety of palates. The other benefit of Regents’ catering menu is that you don’t have to have a ton of guests to qualify. Specify that you want the half-catering if you have between 10 and 12 guests, or the full-catering menu for 15-20.

Childrens’ Birthday Parties

You’ve decided to host your child’s birthday party and you probably already have a headache thinking about the theme, decorations, goodie bags, food and the cake. While all of the aforementioned restaurants would be perfect for providing food for both the kids and their parents, the cake is arguably the most important part of the birthday party. If you want to switch it up and offer a cold treat for the party, Baskin Robbins will bring an assortment of flavors wherever you decide to host the party along with delicious toppings like hot fudge, whipped cream, cherries, etc. They also provide the cups, cones and silverware. For a fun and yummy treat to celebrate your child’s birthday, Baskin Robbins is the easy choice.

Game Days and Nights

To celebrate and enjoy our favorite game days and nights, whether it be playing Scattegories in teams, watching the World Cup finals or rooting for our beloved Chargers, you need good food. Nosh Delicatessen’s catering menu will be sure to enrich your experience with its pre-made or build-it-yourself sandwich platters. The trays offer an array of sandwich meats like corned beef, turkey, pastrami and ham, to name a few, as well as assortments of cheeses, breads, sides, pickles and condiments. While watching your favorite team or engaging in a friendly competition, Nosh’s sandwich platters are sure to be a hit in your family.

Whatever your event, these La Jolla restaurants have you covered.

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