La Jolla Blue Book ‘Friday Burrito Review’: Don Carlos Taco Shop

Welcome to the La Jolla Blue Book’s first ‘Friday Burrito Review’, a new weekly installment where the hard-working employees here at head-office sample and report on the burritos around our fair neighborhood in the name of science. It’s going to be a tough job sampling all the amazing options around us, but someone’s got to do it.


This week, our study in gastronomic excellence took us to Don Carlos Taco Shop on Pearl Street, where our resident burrito scientists tucked into three different specimens off the (very impressive) menu: black bean and rice, fish and a (wet) carne asada. Opting for fish seemed like an odd choice, I know, but any good experiment needs a wildcard to serve as a contrasting specimen.



The Good:

  • The servings were massive. Tu’s opening remark about his beef burrito was, “this is as big as my arm!”
  • Reasonably priced: Nothing came in over seven bucks
  • Quality Tortillas: the texture was right. Not too leathery and filling and not the weird rice paper stuff that falls apart after your third bite
  • The setting: it was great to be outside on a sunny day

The Bad:

  • It was pretty busy, so ordering took about 5-10 minutes – which is more an indication of its popularity than a criticism. That’s approximately three hours by American food-ordering standards.
  • The fish was a little flimsy, but it’s not a seafood specialty place so I didn’t expect it to be fresh tilapia that was caught that morning.

Unfortunately both the fish and black bean & rice burritos were gone before we could take any photographic evidence, but let that be an indication of how delicious both were. The carne asada burrito was the pièce de résistanceof the meal – AMAZING.
If you’d like to be featured in the Friday Burrito review, please visit our contact page and drop us a line.

Don Carlos is located at 737 Pearl St Ste 113, La Jolla, CA 92037.

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