La Jolla Beach Spotlight: Marine Street

Marine Street

The La Jolla Beach Spotlight series is winding down with only two beaches left! Next up is Marine Street, a young local destination that mixes seclusion with a little bit of thrill.

About Marine Street Beach

Unlike most of the beaches in La Jolla, this spot is nestled in a neighborhood at the base of Marine Street. It is considered a more isolated and intimate beach than the rest. A long stretch of soft white sand and blue waters back up to large rocks protecting beachfront homes. Many locals living in the area like to stroll along the beach and take in its picturesque views while others prefer to run along getting in their daily work out. Because of its ideal isolated location, you will find many beach goers relaxing on a towel and taking in the sun. A lot of teenage locals can be found here body surfing, body boarding, or just hanging out with friends on a warm day. Beyond the break, the kelp beds offer a great spot for divers to explore.

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The “Whomp”

Marine Street

Marine Street Beach is famous for its “whomp” or heavy shore break. Locals who have been successful body surfing at this beach have dubbed the sport “body whomping.” The term originated in the 1960s because of the sound you would hear when the waves crashed over you and a single “whomp” of air rushed out from the blow, slap, or bang that the wave gave you. On any given day you will find experienced body boarders or body surfers taking short tube rides as the waves hit a steep shelf and then crash onto the shore. Inexperienced swimmers, body sufers, and body boarders should be extremely cautious in this area. The wave break has been known to knock some right off their feet!

A Couple Need to Knows

  • Lifeguards are on duty at this beach during the summer and most weekends during the fall and spring.
  • There are no public restrooms, showers, or picnic tables and limited parking can be found in the neighborhoods surrounding the beach.
  • Marine Street is not a family friendly beach due to its lack of amenities and the harsh shoreline breaks that make it unsafe for children to swim.

Have you successfully body surfed the Whomp? Let us know in a comment below.

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