La Jolla Beach Spotlight: Boomer Beach

Boomer Beach

Ditch the surfboards and boogie boards and become an expert body surfer at the next location on our La Jolla Beach Spotlight series– Boomer Beach. Here is a brief summary of activities that can be found at this beach.


Body surfing— The beach is known for its powerful waves that attract body surfers from near and far. This is due to the fact that all flotation devices are prohibited in this area, literally making it a mecca for body surfing.

Snorkeling— Snorkelers that want to break away from the large crowds at The Cove have easy water access at Boomers Beach and just as much marine life to explore.

Boomer Beach

Picnics— Ellen Scripps Browning Park (located right above the beach) is a premier picnic spot. It’s also a great place to spread out and play while still taking in the views of the Pacific Ocean.

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Sunbathing— Boomer Beach is not as crowded as other La Jolla beaches making it the perfect spot to lay out and enjoy your day soaking up the sun.

Did You Know…

Boomer Beach

People who frequent here love body surfing so much that they’ve even created their own body surfing vocabulary. Here are some examples:

Sasquatch Scramble– This is the art of getting into and out of the water by climbing over rocks while wearing fins. Those entering the water have to do this extremely fast during high tides so they do not get smashed into the rocks.

Boomer Welcome– This is when a person hits a rock or rocks. A sort of “welcoming” ritual, if you will, that introduces new body surfers into the fold.

Wall Birds– This term pertains to the spectators who line up at the rail to watch the action. The spectators range from tourists to fellow body surfers.

Boomer Beach is located on Coast Blvd just south of The Cove. Have you given body surfing here a try? Let us know your experience by leaving a comment below!

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