An Interview with Chef Dominic Tedesco of Dominic’s Table

DSC_0021Chef Dominic Tedesco is a true, creative Renaissance man and Master Chef.  Add to this mix his irresistible southern charm and old fashioned business ethics, and you have a great recipe for success. Raised in the Midwest by his Italian immigrant parents, he is the youngest of eight boys. Chef Dominic has always stayed true to his Sicilian roots.

From an early age, his fascination with great foods grew into what was the beginning of his dream as he learned to cook at his mother’s side. He opened his first restaurants in Indiana and Kentucky. He also became well known on the competitive circuit, winning the International Pizza Championship, as well as various awards for his pizza recipes.

In 2006, he decided to return to the classroom and finish his culinary degree in Las Vegas, Nevada where he became an Executive Chef to a whole new audience, including many celebrities from Las Vegas to Hollywood. Dominic Tedesco can also be credited as a producer for the Production Company Red Velvet Entertainment, Inc.  Currently, the chef is in development for his own series of television cooking shows and just finished filming a movie he was cast in to be released in theaters, early 2019.

In 2017 Chef Dominic left Las Vegas to make his dream a reality and took his already successful career to a higher level in La Jolla, California. His culinary masterpieces have found a new home with the opening of his new restaurant, Dominic’s Table, a place where his favorite comfort foods and award winning recipes are being served up daily in this beautiful beach city.

We had the pleasure of going to Dominic’s Table and chatting with Dominic about his wonderful new restaurant.                                                    

La Jolla Blue Book: Dominic, the design and feel of the restaurant is wonderful. What was your process in designing and decorating it?

Dominic Tedesco: I designed the restaurant so my guest could feel like they were dining at my house. I wanted a warm, relaxed atmosphere, not crowded, and less noise. I love art, culture and music so we have sweet smooth jazz playing and the artwork around is designed by my brother Guy who is a talented international sculptor and artist with many pieces displayed and more to come.


LJBB: Let’s talk about the menu- what can we expect to see on the menu regularly?

DT: The menu is my journey through life with food. So 50% is Italian, which is true to my heart, and the rest are my favorite foods from around the world. We also have a delicious raw bar with everything from Japanese style sushi to ceviche from around the word- oysters, crudos, and few surprises.


LJBB: Each month guests will be able to try dishes inspired from all over the world, is that correct?

Yes, there will also be a special “International Menu” featuring dishes that change every month. They are dishes from specific regions, prepared as authentically as possible. I’ve listened to people and what dishes they like. I asked them how their grandmothers made these foods then see if I can incorporate the ideas into how we prepare the dishes. I do a lot of research to get the right ingredients. It doesn’t matter how authentic the recipe, if you don’t use the right ingredients, it’s not going to be the same.

LJBB: What is your most favorite item off of the menu?

DT: My favorite dish ever is pasta and meatballs! But the menu is designed with all of my favorites from mouth watering steaks, seafood, and salads. We also have have some great vegan and vegetarian dishes.


LJBB: What’s the best part about having a restaurant in La Jolla?

DT: To provide a great place for everyone to come relax, enjoy delicious food at a reasonable price with exceptional service. I want everyone to create traditions at Dominic’s Table. It is a great place for date night, so come fall in love again with your sweetheart, wife or partner at Dominic’s Table!


LJBB: How do you see the La Jolla food-scene growing/changing in the next few years, and how do you hope to influence this?

DT: Food is a huge part of everyone’s life and there are some great restaurants and amazing Chefs in La Jolla. I’m proud to now be a part of the community in La Jolla and working with restaurants and fellow merchants to offer a pleasant memorable experience every time you visit La Jolla.


LJBB: What is one thing folks should know before coming to your restaurant?

DT: My mother taught me to cook as young child and insisted the most important ingredient I could ever put in my food was the feelings in my heart! I truly enjoy serving my guest.

LJBB: Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers before we sign off for now?

DT: Have an amazing day filled with great food, great wine, great friends, and an amazing amount of passion, and always believe!

Dominic’s Table is located at 875 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037.

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