Innovative Healthcare Consultants: A Step Above in Home Care

Innovative Healthcare Consultants Innovative Healthcare Consultants is a full home healthcare support system. They are experienced in care management, including nursing, gerontology and social work, with a focus on aging and elder care. They assist your loved ones with the transition back home, whether it be through medication management, emergency preparedness, 24-hour on-call service, or arrangement of other services/errands. They can also provide insight on Medi-Cal applications, Advanced Care Directives, long-term care insurance, and financial advocacy.

Caring for elderly or ill loved ones can be a difficult and emotionally draining period. The registered nurses and caregivers at Innovative Healthcare Consultants understand this better than anyone, and make it their priority to facilitate the transition between hospital and home. The Blue Book got the opportunity to chat with Colleen Van Horn, CEO, to discuss what it takes to be a Geriatric Care Manager.

Innovative Healthcare Consultants

For Colleen, healthcare is a personal passion and something to which she has dedicated most of her life. She has more than 35 years experience as a Registered Nurse and began her career as a pediatric ICU Nurse, which she did for 10 years. She then moved onto the Adult ICU unit and as that progressed, she found herself in increasing contact with the aging, elderly, and the more vulnerable – people who were slipping through the cracks in the healthcare system and desperately needed more individualized care.

Colleen quickly realized this was what she wanted to do: she vowed to become an advocate for elderly patients and those unable to fully care for themselves; to act as a liaison between patient and doctor and translate complex medical language into simple and more straightforward terms. Colleen remarked that she “feels almost like a surrogate daughter” to some of her more sentimental patients. “I take pride in knowing that I can provide them the peace of mind they’ve been searching for. Hospitals and doctors’ offices can be intimidating places, especially if you’re getting older. We strive to be someone who they trust, who they can rely on to make the right decisions on their behalf.”

The RNs at IHC are fully certified and licensed to handle medications, and most of the caregivers are licensed to at least organize the pills so they’re more readily accessible for patients. When asked what her favorite part of the job was, Colleen said simply, “I love meeting the clients. I like having a challenge when I wake up every day – figuring out what someone’s issue is, how I can help, and how we can fix it together.” It seems that way of thinking prevails throughout the entire company: IHC is a member of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, meaning they must meet strict education, experience, and certification requirements.

The staff at IHC is dedicated to assisting the people you care about, and they do this in two ways: through registered Geriatric Care Managers, who have nursing licenses and act as a medical consultant or liaison between doctor and patient; and caregivers, who go into the home to assist the client with day-to-day errands, chores, cleaning, and transportation. If you are looking for compassionate and reliable care for your loved ones, check out their website at for more information.    


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