How To Pack For Your Move by Bartle Brothers Movers

La Jolla Blue Book presents our latest “Quiet on the Set” video featuring Moving Tips by Bartle Brothers Movers.

Summer is one of the busiest times of the year for moving that’s why we’ve partnered up with Bartle Brothers Movers to bring you these helpful moving tips. In this tutorial Chris Bartle guides you on how to properly pack and organize your items for a smooth and hassle free move.

A good rule of thumb when packing is heavy things on the bottom and light things on the top. Set up a packing area that is free of clutter with ample surface space to work on. Start packing your box with heavy items such as plates and heavy bowls (separate layers with paper) finish off with layers of light items like glassware and coffee mugs.

Each box should be nice and packed to the top substituting paper or a blanket if you run out of items. Labeling your boxes is also helpful. Labeling which room the items belong in helps make your move a lot more efficient and helps you when unpacking. Labeling a box is also helpful when it contains fragile items or if it requires special handling.

We want to thank Bartle Brothers Movers for providing these helpful moving tips! Bartle Brothers is locally owned and family operated, offering local and long distance moves, expert packing and crating.

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To learn more about moving and packing services please visit our La Jolla Movers & Full Service Storage guide.

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