How to Have Family Fun in La Jolla

Although La Jolla is recognized as a luxurious living community, it is also is a relaxing place to have some family fun. Stay at a premier La Jolla hotel and enjoy numerous kid-friendly restaurants and family activities all within a few minutes drive.

With around 200 restaurants in La Jolla, families can choose from a variety of cuisines. If your family is vacationing in La Jolla, be sure to check out some of the areas popular burger joints such as The Burger Lounge, Jeff’s Burgers and Smashburger. For pizza, stop by Sammy’s Wood Fired Pizza which has a large selection of pizzas including a build-your-own option, perfect for picky eaters. For lunch or a light dinner, Harry’s Coffee Shop has a varied menu of children’s sandwiches including grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly.

Knowing there many family-friendly dining options in La Jolla, your family can spend more time enjoying some of the nearby activities, including visiting a beach. La Jolla has numerous beaches to choose from, with a popular option being La Jolla Shores. At this beach there are small waves suitable for beginning surfers, swimmers, and snorkelers. For a fun family activity, take a group surfing class or a kayaking tour around the cove. Tours are often scheduled at times throughout the day so you can easily squeeze them into your busy vacation itinerary.

Families can also explore the native marine wildlife without getting in the water. The pier at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography has great tide pools and the seals at Children’s Cove are entertaining to watch. Both educational and fun, families often find themselves spending the whole day at the cove. If you want to stay indoors, visit the popular Birch Aquarium and see fish from differing habitats swim around you in the aquarium’s floor-to-ceiling tanks.

For more information about hotels, restaurants or anything else related to La Jolla, check out our La Jolla Blue Book directory. It’s a great resource that is sure to help you plan your upcoming trip to sunny San Diego.

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