High Rise Condo Living vs. Beach Living

La Jolla is the jewel of Southern California. This beautiful seaside city is located just off the San Diego coastline. With sunny climate year long, beautiful beaches, delectable cuisine, sultry nightlife and relaxing daily life, La Jolla is a paradise on earth. Come see what living in this gem of a city is like and invest in La Jolla Real estate.

Many people have the misconception that La Jolla is merely a touristy getaway and not an actual place to set down roots. Due to La Jolla’s laid back atmosphere, beach living, comfort relaxation and casual spirit; people do not believe that anyone can maintain such a lifestyle for long. But why not? Why not escape the daily grind and live a life worth living? La Jolla offers a life of both handwork and ease, combined in a neat package.

With Real estate in La Jolla, we offer many living arrangements that suit everyone’s needs. There are two notable living arrangements, however, that draw a crowd to La Jolla’s pristine waters; high rise condo living and beach side living. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each of these La Jolla living options and you be the judge on which is better.

  1. High Rise Condo Living

Many of us have lived in apartments, and even more of us have a great deal of memory living with our college roommates in such apartments. Yes life was not glamorous then, neither was it exactly a dream but things have changed and so too has taste. Condos are not your typical apartments and high rise condos are not even your typical living style. High rise condos give you a chance at living in a place where maintenance is not a worry, where amenities are given to you by the boat load, where the world lays bare below you in all its wonder and glory. High rise condos in essence are a supreme way of living; a way of living where your pool, gym and grocery store are all virtually inside your home.

2. Beach Side Living

Imagine closing your eyes and hearing the sounds of the vast ocean beside you. Image waking up every morning with the sun rising before you and gloriously setting behind you in the evening. Image grabbing your surf board and having to only walk a few steps into the water. Imagine being able to have a pool party every day with the biggest pool on earth. Imagine not having to drive to the beach or worry about finding parking. Imagine having your own spot on the beach where you don’t have to fight tourists for space. Imagine yourself living beach side in La Jolla California.

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